Omega vs. Swann: Who Should Win?

On April 25, we’ll witness one of the most important PPV matches for IMPACT in a long time. Rebellion. Omega vs. Swann promises to be an awesome match, but also it will crown a new IMPACT world champion and\or a new AEW World Champion.

IMPACT has done a good job building to this match. From the great 6-man match we saw at Hard to Kill to the amazing press conference done last week. AEW has yet to promote this IMPACT PPV and maybe they’ll do it this week.

The clear favorite to win this match is the current AEW champion Kenny Omega and it makes the most sense in the world. Omega is one of the biggest draw in the world of professional wrestling and he adding the IMPACT World title to his collection (AEW World Championship and AAA Mega Campeonato) would benefit the promotion a lot. IMPACT for years has struggled to get attention from wrestling fans after years of previous management making terrible decisions booking and business wise. Omega having the IMPACT World Championship would help IMPACT a lot and they would have a legit draw on their hands for a few more months.

Can Swann win? The current IMPACT World Champion is the underdog of the match and he has done a great job selling that and the idea that an upset could happen. Swann being AEW champion is an interesting idea, but very unlikely.

At the end of the day, Omega winning just makes too much sense. IMPACT could really use the boost and since Omega’s first appearance on IMPACT’s programming they’ve seen an increase on their TV ratings and viewing numbers on other platforms like Twitch.

The main event of Rebellion Kenny Omega vs. Rich Swann will have Mauro Ranallo as guest commentator. Ranallo also made two awesome videos for IMPACT talking about 5 ways how each competitor could win the match.