The Turn Around of the AEW Women’s Division

The AEW women’s division has always been a major talking about about the promotion. There’s a lot of criticisms towards the division and now AEW has been able to work through them and now they are a highlight of the promotion.

2020 was a rough year for everyone, but AEW’s women’s division suffered a lot last year. From Travel restriction of some key wrestlers to injuries, it felt at times that the division was cursed, but one year later and things looks bright for the division now.

Taking Their Time

Patience is a virtue not many have, especially wrestling fans. AEW took the time to rebuild the division after travel restrictions and injuries plagued the division for the longest time.

AEW Dark has helped AEW big time on finding new talent for their roster. Wrestlers like Leyla Hirsh, Red Velvet, Tay Conti, Abadon, Anna Jay and more were discovered on Dark and eventually signed to the promotion. They have been great additions to the promotion.

AEW Dark and now Elevation, have helped the roster get more ring time and improve as wrestlers. Tay Conti’s case in particular shows the work AEW has done to improve the division and their in ring work. Time has reward AEW for taking things slow and allowing the division to improve on it’s time despite criticisms and other bad faith comments from people on the internet.

Hikaru Shida

The role of Hikaru Shida as AEW Women’s Champion has been phenomenal. When AEW needed her to deliver she’s been there to do it and carry the division, especially on tough times.

Shida also played major role putting together the Japanese bracket of the AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament. Shida was commentator for the Japanese commentary of the bracket and help backstage too. AEW couldn’t have asked for a better champion than Shida.

Other Major Players

Even when injured, Britt Baker has been one of the highlights of the promotion. From great segments and promos to delivering good matches when needed. Baker has been a major factor for the turn around of the women’s division.

Other major player has been Thunder Rosa. Rosa has help AEW in so many ways. From Good matches, to helping scout talent. Rosa has become an important part of AEW despite not being signed to the promotion as of this moment.

Serena Deeb was another great addition to the division with her experience as a wrestler and as a coach. Her run has been really good so far. Her match with Riho was one of the best matches the division has had in 2021.