Hiroshi Tanahashi Speaks Out On Brock Lesnar’s In Ring Style

Brock Lesnar has called the WWE his home in the world of pro wrestling almost his entire career, but the remainder of it saw him having a short stint in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

During his time with the company, Lesnar was the IWGP Champion and found himself at odds with New Japan’s ace Hiroshi Tanahashi. Though the two never clashed for the title, Tanahashi eventually won the belt after Lesnar was stripped of the title over alleged visa issues. These issues wound up canceling a planned match between the two in 2006.

Tanahashi spoke about that and working with Lesnar on the New Japan website, where The Ace was very critical of Lesnar’s in-ring style and him as a person.

“To be brutally honest, I could never get into any of what I saw of Lesnar. It was all one sided, a completely selfish way of wrestling. I saw him come up in the early 2000s, and he was just pounding people, you never got to see anything from his opponents. I just didn’t understand his deal at all… To be honest, Lesnar didn’t really care about where he was wrestling as long as he got his payoff,”

Lesnar has not wrestled since WrestleMania 36 last year when he lost the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre. While it’s unknown when we’ll see Lesnar again, his previous behavior certainly lines up with Tanahashi’s assessment that we may not see him again unless the money is good.

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