Doc Gallows Was Surprised How Quick The AEW/Impact Partnership Was Built

When Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson were released from the WWE during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people expected them to show up in All Elite Wrestling. It was a natural fit for the duo, after all. They are close friends of The Young Bucks, AEW keeps a strong emphasis on tag team wrestling, and there were even talks to come in to be part of the company in time for the first episode of Dynamite. Instead, the duo re-signed with the WWE, got released, and shocked everyone when they signed with Impact Wrestling.

Eventually, the duo found themselves on AEW regardless of being signed on Impact, something that came up very quickly. Gallows spoke with Fightful and revealed that everything happened so quickly that it shocked even him how fast the move was made.

“Well, we just were like, ‘Wait, is this really gonna happen? Hold on.’ We’ve been talking to the Bucks a lot. We talk to the Bucks constantly. We’re buddies. Then when D’Amore brought it up, I was like, ‘Oh, wow. I think this is really gonna happen.’ Then I didn’t realize how intricate this went and how deep it went with Don and Kenny had been talking about this for a year. Which nobody really knew about that. I just think it makes the story even cooler and hopefully, long term, there’s gonna be a lot more layers to it. But, from the behind the scenes part of it, you hear something like that and you go, ‘Wow, that’s cool shit, but I don’t think it’ll ever actually happen,’ and then it did. It was pretty damn cool and continues to be, I think.”

Gallows and Anderson, along with Kenny Omega, recently reunited with The Young Bucks after what seemed to be a heel turn last night on Dynamite, but it seems like the whole story has been very hands on with Omega and Callis. We’ll have to see the twists and turns it makes on both Impact and Dynamite.

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