Kurt Angle Reveals Who Was Responsible For Famous Milk Truck Segment

One of the most famous moments in WWE history is Kurt Angle’s moment with the milk truck as he took out The Alliance. The moment, a direct parody of Stone Cold Steve Austin with the beer truck, has always stuck out with fans of wrestling from that time.

Now Kurt Angle has revealed who was behind the idea. On a Q&A edition of his podcast, Angle revealed the WWE writer who came up with the idea for milk truck, and felt it was appropriate due to him feuding with Stone Cold Steve Austin at the time.

“That was our writer, Brian Gewirtz. He came up with great material for me. It was a spinoff of Stone Cold Steve Austin beer truck incident, where he brought the beer truck in and hosed Vince McMahon a couple years prior. So, since I was doing a program with Austin, Brian came up with the idea of driving a milk truck in and dowsing Stone Cold and The Alliance with milk. It was an awesome event, just so much fun. I had a blast.”

The moment has always stuck out with fans and may be considered one of the highlights of the war between WWE and the WCW/ECW Alliance. And while fans often reminisce on how fun that moment was, we now know famous WWE writer Brian Gewirtz was responsible for that.

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