WWE and Blaming The Fans

WWE has this weird thing of always blaming the fans. It’s becoming one of WWE primary moves, and the worst part is when WWE wrestlers also start blaming the fans.

Yes, crowd will try to steal the show or try to pop themselves with volleyballs during matches like we’ve seen countless times on WWE shows. The real problem are not the fans, but WWE themselves. WWE needs to listen to their audience, but that’s very unlikely.

WWE’s major problem right now is there disconnect with most of the fanbase they have left. For years, WWE tried to push Roman Reigns as babyface for years and had 4 coronations in WrestleMania and WWE botched all 4 of them. It took WWE years later to realize maybe Roman working as a heel would be better.

WWE needs to listen to the fans. It would make WWE’s job easier. Fans still care for the promotion despite comments of WWE and wrestlers blaming the fans, but it will come the day that fans will no longer care and that day could be coming soon.

Fans are not the enemy, but WWE has forgotten about that and that is a real shame. But then again, does WWE need to listen to the fans? The have billions of dollars in terms of contracts and revenue just keeps going up for WWE and the McMahon family. WWE is now in a point where they don’t need to listen to anyone but their business partners.

In the ling term this idea of blaming and alienating fans will comeback to haunt WWE, but that doesn’t look to be the case right now and may never happen at this. WWE is too big too fail it seems like.