Will Ospreay Says He Is The Greatest British Wrestler Ever

At last night’s NJPW Sakura Genesis Will Ospreay defeated Kota Ibushi in the main event to win the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. In doing so Will Ospreay achieved one thing no other British Wrestler has ever done before in claiming the top prize of New Japan.

Will Ospreay was quick to make this known during a press conference NJPW had arranged for the their new champion. Although he’d like to claim that he was the first foreigner to hold the IWGP World Heavyweight, but knew many would not forget those that held the previous IWGP Inter-continental and IWGP Heavyweight championships. Ospreay would then declare that he was the greatest British Wrestler ever as he has achieved something no other British Wrestler, naming several top British Stars such as Dynamite Kid, British Bulldog and Pete Dunne, none have achieved what he had.

“I would like to say that I created History of being the first ever foreigner to be the IWGP World Heavy weight champion but I understand that a lot of you guys are going to notice the history, acknowledge the history I should say the heavyweight championship and Inter-continenetal championship but I will still always be the first British wrestler to hold the IWGP heavyweight championship, the World Heavyweight championship should I say I have got to get used that so now the conversation will kinda last that I believe I am the greatest British Wrestler of all time, there is not a single British wrestler that has ever ventured to Japan and climbed to the top of the mountain name me every single one, Dyanmite Kid he was innovator but he didn’t reach the top of the mountain, British Bulldog fantastic wrestler and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, didn’t reach the top of the mountain, Pete Dunne he was a great wrestler but he didn’t even come close to mountain he was in some random forest doing three moth tours, I could sit here and name a bunch British Wrestlers but they didn’t reach the top of the mountain I am the only person that has reached the top of the mountain thus making me the greatest British Wrestler that has ever lived.”

Will Ospreay NJPW Press Conference 05/04/2021

Will Ospreay would go on to say he would like to face Drew McIntyre so that he can truly cement his claim as the greatest British wrestler ever;

“I would like to test myself against one of the other people that call them selves the greatest British wrestler that ever lived and its a man the held the WWE world heavyweight championship Drew McIntyre so if there was ever a chance the united states visa has been approved I would love to have a IWGP World Heavyweight championship vs WWE World Heavyweight champion between to British men and find out who the best wrestler is out of them.”

Will Ospreay NJPW Press Conference 05/04/2021

What do you make of Will Ospreay’s Claim? Is Will Ospreay the greatest British wrestler ever? Would you like to see Will Ospreay vs Drew McIntyre?

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Source NJPW Press Conference