Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals How Quick Vince McMahon Returns His Messages

If you’re one of Vince McMahon’s top draws for the WWE, it seems almost certain he doesn’t hesitate to get back to you when it comes to phone calls and text messages. However, when times change, those responses seem to as well if you believe Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin spoke with Wrestling Inc. and revealed that he and Vince McMahon don’t communicate as much as they used to compared to when Austin was Vince’s top guy. What used to be pretty quick replies for the Texas Rattlesnake now seemed to have slowed down compared to Austin’s main event days.

“He don’t even take my phone calls but let me tell you, back when I was working on top, when I called Vince, that phone didn’t ring a half time before he picked it up. Now I’ll send him a text message and I’ll get an answer back in a couple of days.”

Vince McMahon is constantly busy, but he always seems to make time for the top guys in his company. Now that Austin isn’t one of them, it seems it’s harder to get his calls through. At least he gets a call back or a text back, one can only assume other former stars or even some current ones don’t have the same luxury.

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