Sean Waltman Says He’s Sorry To Ric Flair For His “Huge Attitude” On Podcast

Sean Waltman has survived a lot of his life experiences both good and bad, and he’s lived to tell the tale. All of those experiences have changed and matured the former X-Pac and he had a chance to apologize for some of his previous behavior to someone on his podcast.

Waltman recently had Ric Flair on his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, where he and Flair discussed an incident that Waltman apologized for on the episode as he repented for his “huge attitude” for something involving a match the two were booked in.

“People were stirring me up, like, they were telling me in the six-man match — you, “Rowdy” [Roddy Piper], and Kevin [Nash], y’all didn’t want me in it, you wanted Hulk [Hogan]. And you should! That was more appropriate for you and your team. This is what was told to me and so it got in my head, ‘Oh, they’re trying to hold me down!’ So, I had this huge attitude. I feel really bad about it, looking back on it now.”

Waltman has admitted he’s had no idea how he survived some of the things he has, and it seems like time and experience have matured him into a whole new person. Waltman has thankfully had a chance to appreciate some of his experiences and will be doing so this week with WrestleMania, as he is enjoying his second induction in the WWE Hall of Fame this year as a member of the nWo.

thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the quote

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