Progress Chapter 107 – Recap and Results

Another great show, Progress have not missed a beat since their return with some truly great shows, showcasing the incredible talent in British Wrestling.

Progress Wrestling was back again on the WWE Network and Demand Progress with their latest chapter, chapter 107 Go Home, Lock Your Doors, Do Your Home Work, Watch Progress, 6 fantastic matches lined up once again.

Spike Trivet Vs Chris Ridgeway

*Spike Trivet defeated Chris Ridgeway by pin fall

An incredible hard hitting affair some great striking and wrestling from both competitors and a stand out performance from Spike Trivet really establishing himself as star, another loss for Chris Ridgeway.

Gene Munny Vs Warren Banks

*Warren Banks defeated Gene Munny via referee stoppage

Warren Banks showed a truly ruthless performance picking up the win in this heavyweight clash against his mentor, did Banks prove to his teacher that his methods are working. Munny put in a great shift but lacked the killer instinct to defeat his student, a Land mark victory for Banks,.

Big Guns Joe vs LK Mezinger

*Big Gun Joe defeated LK Mezinger by pin fall

A great debut from Mezinger who showed some innovative and aggressive offence but it wasn’t enough to overcome the strength and heart of Big Guns Joe who picked up his first win a Progress ring.

Sunshine Machine (TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo) vs Young Guns (Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs)

*TK Cooper defeated the Ethan Allen by pin fall

A classic tag match some great teamwork from both teams and some great double team moves, but only one team could come out on top. After some great back and forth, in the end it was Sunshine Machine who picked up the win in their first time teaming together in a progress match. It’s back to the drawing board for the North West Strong faction, with both young guns and Chris Ridgeway picking up losses.

Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II) vs Cara Noir and Danny Black

*Kid Lykos defeated Cara Noir by pin fall

Lykos Gym showed why they are the best team in progress currently with some great tag team work leading to victory and a possible title shot for Kid Lykos. Black and Noir are incredible single performers but not as a tag team and Lykos Gym took advantage of this, despite flurries from both Noir and Black.

Millie McKenzie vs Kanji

*Kanji defeated Millie McKenzie by Pin fall.

An incredible main event, this had everything a modern wrestling could love, hard hitting, athletic and a great story, Millie was amazing as always brutal at times with her hard shots, spears and suplexes. Kanji showed that heart and determination that fans have come to know of her, able to withstand all of Millie’s attacks and mounting a come back to pick up the win.

Another great show, Progress have not missed a beat since their return with some truly great shows, showcasing the incredible talent in British Wrestling. This chapter had great in ring action from start to finish, some truly break out performances from the likes of Spike Trivet, Kanji, Lykos gym and Warren banks. You can catch all the action on the WWE Network and Demand Progress.

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