A Cold WrestleMania

Pirates have always been linked to islands, treasure maps and hot environments. The idea that a pirate-theme WrestleMania has a cold build so far is a bit funny.

The build for this year’s WrestleMania has been really bad to say the least. No match feels hot right now and that’s not the fault of the wrestlers, but of creative.

Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan feels like a worse booked version of the WrestleMania 30 main event. Edge has become a non important factor very quickly and the interest on this match is minimal. The addition of Daniel Bryan to this feud feels desperate and a quick fix for this mediocre feud. This whole feud makes less sense when you think about the fact Edge won the Rumble to get his title shot and Bryan didn’t do anything to deserve to be on this match.

Banks vs. Belair was the easiest slam dunk they had for this year’s WrestleMania and yet, they were able to screw it up. The whole cliché of single wrestlers becoming a tag team and failing to coexist has been done to death by this promotion and this time it was as boring as always. It also doesn’t help the involvement of Reginald to the build for this feud. The good news though is that Belair and Banks are finally going to start build their feud without any third parties involved. Another thing in favor of this match is the rise of the hashtag #MainEventBanksvsBelair and the following is getting lately.

The Fiend and Randy Orton are in probably one of the worst feuds of the year and of the decade. This feud keeps jumping the shark and for the worse. Let’s just hope this doesn’t go to yet another cinematic match with The Fiend.

Of all the marquee matches, McIntyre and Lashley has probably the best build and that’s not saying much. The build for this match is just bland and uninspiring.

WWE has a few weeks left until WrestleMania to fix this, but I don’t have much faith with this promotion and their creative.