ICW Barred – Recap, Result and Review

It was just a few weeks ago that ICW owner Mark Dallas opened up ICW fight club announcing ICW Barred, a special episode of ICW fight club where each match would take place inside the confines of a steel cage. Dallas told his roster that if they had a rivalry they needed settling this would be time to do it and it wouldn’t take long for members of the roster to step up to the challenge. All 5 matches were finalised last week.

Last night was the to time to finally put an end to rivalries with 5 fantastic matches lined up; Kev Evans vs Craig Anthony for the Square Go contract, Jason Reed vs DCT, Jack Morris and Dickie Divers vs Krieger and Lou King Sharp for the ICW Tag Team Championship, Leyton Buzzard vs BT Gunn and Mollie Sparton vs Angel Haze.

Angel Hayes vs Mollie Sparton

*Sparton wins by pin fall

Great match to kick off the proceedings, Angel Hayes started strong showing no fear, she took the fight straight to Sparton, until Sparton hit a spear that nearly snapped Hayes in half. From that point on it was a battle of survival for Hayes, she showed heart and determination but it was not enough to combat the size and weight difference. Hayes had a couple of comeback flurries and was able to hook in her guillotine choke, but Sparton was able to power through and break the hold. Sparton mercifly finished Hayes with a sit out power bomb to win the match by pin fall.

BT Gunn vs Leyton Buzzard

*Leyton Buzzard wins via escaping the cage

Teacher vs student, there was plenty of drama in this match throughout in truly brutal match, with Buzzard refusing to get into the cage to begin with, Gunn had to take the fight to floor. On the outside Buzzard was able to put Gunn though the time keeper’s table. Once they were finally inside the cage the brutality stepped up a level, each competitor had hidden plenty of weapons around the ring, from a police baton and mace to chairs and tables, each being used effectively. Gunn had the match almost won when he put Buzzard through a table with a power bomb and almost escaped the cage but would be pulled back into the match by Buzzard using mind games, this was a mistake as it was eventually Buzzard who would escape the cage first and win the match. A land mark victory for the young superstar as he continues to climb the ladder in ICW.

ICW Tag Team Championship Match

Lou King Sharp and Krieger vs Nine9 (Jack Morris and Dickie Divers)

*Morris and Divers win via escaping the cage

It may have been a full year since becoming No. 1 contenders for the ICW tag team titles for the Nine9 but now they would finally get their chance at the tag team champions, trapped inside a steel cage with the only way to win being for both members of the team escape the cage. The Nine9 dominated from the start and typically maintained control until the end, Lou King Sharp jumped at an opportunity to escape but this seemed to be what the Nine9 had wanted as this just left Krieger alone in the cage. The Nine9 took the opportunity to work double team, with Sharp not allowed to re-enter the cage, in the end Sharp could not take it and tried to get back into the match but again it was a mistake. Divers and Morris would take out Krieger before booting the cage door into Sharp the Nine9 took the opportunity to exit the cage together becoming the new ICW Tag Team Champions.

DCT vs Jason Reed

*DCT defeated Jason Reed by pin fall

DCT took the young Reed right from the bell, the more experienced DCT baptised Reed in the ways of an ICW cage match, introducing him to a new level violence, if Coach Trip had not intervened, Reed may have never gotten out the starting gate. Coach Trip provided a distraction for Reed allowing him to finally get some offence in. Trip had trapped DCT’s arms with a belt, passing Reed a chair who would put it to good use as DCT was held prone. With the cage topped with Barbed Wire and the door locked shut, the only way to win this match was by pin fall but Reed could not put DCT away and this started to weigh on the young man as his confidence would drain with each kick out. DCT used his experienced weathering the young Reeds onslaught before taking advantage of Reed’s hesitation, hitting a pedigree and picking up the win by pin fall. As per the stipulation this allowed DCT 5 minutes alone with Coach Trip and DCT used every second of that 5 minutes to finally unleash his revenge on his former manager and friend.

Kez Evans vs Craig Anthony

*Kez Evans defeated Craig Anthony by pin fall

Evans and Anthony faced off for the Square Go contract guaranteeing one of them a shot at the ICW championship. This was bell to bell non-stop action as the two opponents put each other through hell to come out the victor, the match was full of passion and emotion, there was clearly more on the line than just the contract, this was also a battle of two future stars on the cusp of breaking through as they jockey for positions on the ICW ladder. This was a rivalry truly suited to being confined, both competitors having grown to hate each so much, as pointed out when Craig Anthony went for moonsault from the top of cage rather than escaping, this was a mistake as Anthony didn’t quite stick the landing, coming down Evans’ knee. In the end as the two scrambled to escape through the cage door Evans was able to get ahold of the Briefcase bringing it into the ring, Evans would bring it crashing down onto Anthony’s Skull, hitting his Kez dispenser Pile Driver. Not satisfied Evans would once again use the brief case on Anthony’s head as he lay there prone on the mat, Evans would finally pin Anthony to retain his Square Go contract.

A truly incredible show, topped of by Anthony and Evans who put on a match truly deserving of the main event, Buzzards victory over ICW veteran BT Gunn really should propel him towards the main event scene in ICW. Plus incredible performances from some of the younger performers all looking to break through to the next level, such as Angel Hayes, Jason Reed and Jack Morris. You can catch ICW Barred on the WWE Network, plus a new episode of ICW each and every week on the WWE Network Saturday at 5pm GMT/1pm ET.

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