NXT UK Recap and Results

NXT UK was set for another great night of in ring competition as Jordan Devlin defends his cruiserweight championship against Trent Seven, Ben Carter makes his re-debut as Nathan Frazer, and Meiko Satomura had her first match since her defeat to NXT Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.

Nathan Frazer Vs Ashton Smith

*Frazer defeated Smith by pin fall

A great match up of Speed and Agility vs Power and Athleticism. Smith once again shined in this match up showing off some incredible power moves including drilling Frazer with a clubbing clothesline that almost took his head off. At one point Smith was able to roll through a spring board cross body, dead lifting Frazer and hitting a brain buster, Smith would also hit a blue Thunder bomb but could not finish Frazer. Frazer has much more of an attitude about him and was far more aggressive than usual, they even piped in a few boos with the assisted crowd audio. Frazer still showed off a full a range of innovative offence, finishing Smith with an elbow drop assisted reverse DDT followed by a Frog Splash to get the pin fall.

Ilja Dragunov had requested a camera crew so he could discuss and apologise for his recent actions, when he is interrupted by Sam Gradwell who tells him he knows what’s wrong, it’s that Ilja is baby and could not beat him. Gradwell would go on to say he could defeat Ilja in any type of match, a Custody on a pole match, a Rubles in the bank match, a single match, tag match, a No DQ match… when Ilja says okay to a no DQ match, lets do it! Gradwell is then left speechless for the first time.

Another video promo of Isla Dawn using Dark magic as she continues down this dark path away from her white witch moniker.

Johnny Saint delivers a video message announcing that Noam Dar had been trying to get a heritage championship against A-Kid. Instead he announced that Dar will face Tyler Bate in a heritage rules match in 3 weeks time at NXT UK Prelude, to decide the No. 1 contender for A-Kid’s NXT UK Heritage Championship.

Dani Luna vs Meiko Satomura

*Satomura defeated Luna

There is an old saying that the experienced of age should fear strength of the youth and that was exactly what we had here as the experienced Meiko Satomura faced off against the young raw power of Dani Luna. Luna would try to use her power to good affect and on many occasions she would do just that but Meiko was able to counter Luna’s power with her techniques learnt throughout her career. Luna would hit some big moves including Suplexing Meiko from the ring apron back in the ring, however she could not keep Meiko down for long as she would continue to find ways to counter her and eventually after one counter, Meiko would hit the her Scorpion Rising axe kick to get the pin fall.

Jinny and Joseph Connors deliver a video promo stating that Piper and Starz cheated in their match last week so the loss did not count and now Conners will face Starz one on one to punish the young star for pinning him last week.

Walter then makes his way down the ring to address his championship reign, stating that he defeated the best of NXT UK, British Strong Style, Joe Coffey, Mastiff and others telling Johnny Saint that he needs to search the globe for a suitable challenger. Rampage Brown then makes his way down to the ring telling Walter that Johnny Saint would not have to look far and that he’s ready any time Walter wants a real challenge. Walter tried to walk away from Rampage but Rampage pulled him back and shoved him on to his ass, Walter then scrambles to outside of the ring before heading back stage leaving Rampage in the ring.

Xia Brookside is seen working out backstage and abusing her power over Nina Samuels, who’s still forced to serve as Xia’s assistant for two more weeks.

Amir Jordan is working out back stage when Kenny Williams approaches him, Amir tries to dismiss him at first still angry over last weeks incident that led to their victory. Williams is able to talk him round explaining it was just a reflex and they still need to work together for the biggest ever opportunity against pretty Deadly for the NXT tag titles.

Next Week

Sam Gradwell Vs Ilja Dragunov in a No DQ match,

3 Weeks Time

Following their interaction in the ring Rampage Brown will face Walter for the NXT UK Championship.

NXT UK Cruiserweight Championship Match

Trent Seven Vs Jordan Devlin

*Devlin defeated Seven by pin fall

Champion vs challenger, Trent Seven entered the ring looking better than he ever has at a trim 204lbs, would Devlin be able to concentrate on Seven with the thoughts of challenging Santos Escobar at NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver? Seven starts off hot forcing Devlin to the outside early on and hitting a snap dragon suplex on the outside, Seven would light up Devlin with chops, turning his chest red. Devlin would capitalize on any little opening, any little error from Seven and punish Seven typically punishing the back as he looked to set Seven up for his 4 leaf clover submission.

Seven would give it every thing he had pulling out every move in his arsenal even attempting a twisting senton from the top rope, Devlin would move out of the way and attach the 4 leaf clover but Seven would get the rope break. Seven then hit his Seven Star Lariat, Avalanche dragon suplex and the burning hammer yet Devlin managed to survive the pin fall by getting his foot underneath the rope.

Devlin, getting desperate, stuck his thumb into Trent’s eye then hitting a back drop driver, following up with a 450 splash to win the match by pin fall and retain his championship.

An incredible night from start to finish, Nathan Frazer and Ashton Smith started things off with an amazing opening match and what a way to close the show with Jordan Devlin and Trent Seven, they had a fantastic main event match and of course Meiko Satomura and Dani Luna also had great match. Plus the announcement for the NXT UK prelude in 3 weeks time that will feature Tyler Bate vs Noam Dar in heritage rules match and Rampage Brown will challenge Walter for the NXT UK title, on top of that the announcement that Sam Gradwell will face Ilja Dragunov in a No DQ match next week.

So much to look forward to you can catch NXT UK every Thursday on the WWE Newtork at 8pm GMT/3pm ET.

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