Baker vs. Rosa: Pro-Wrestling Art

AEW’s women’s division has always been the center of criticisms for the promotion for the longest time. For a good portion of 2020, travel restriction, injuries and other events hurt the division for the longest time. A year later, the women’s division just main evented their first Dynamite with an all time great match.

AEW took their time building the feud between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker. When the eventual blow-off was announced it felt like a big deal and not a pandering match. AEW created a moment.

Thunder Rosa vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D was a gamble and AEW took it and it paid off big time. The match itself was fantastic and probably the best match in AEW’s women’s division so far. Both wrestler brought intensity to the match and you could see both wrestler become rivals after this match.

This wonderful match was not treated any differently like when we see women’s matches in the same position. Baker and Rosa brought brutality and intensity never seen on the division so far.

This match didn’t feel like pandering for the sake of it and to gain points with people, this was a moment that felt natural and ended perfectly. This was a moment that many people will remember and the beginning for greater things for the division , but especially for Baker and Rosa.

This match is also a major win for AEW. After all the months of bad faith criticisms the women’s division has received by a selective group of people, AEW was able to show them that if you give them your time and patience, they will blow you away with their women’s division.

This match was a major stepping stone for the division and i’m sure all women want to be the next to main event Dynamite. This women’s division is hungry and I’m sure they are ready to main event Dynamite or a PPV.

This was pro-wrestling at it’s finest, beautiful and poetic violence. Matches like this don’t come everyday and AEW was lucky to have both wrestlers in the ring for this match.

Once again, this match showed the world the progression from Baker and why she won the WON award for most improved. For Rosa, I hope this means she gets a contract offfer from AEW once her contract with NWA expires, Thunder Rosa deserves to be in a major promotion wrestling on national TV every week.

Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa should feel proud of their performances in this match. This is without a doubt, a match of the year contender and match people will talk about in the years to come.