NXT UK Recap and Results

NXT UK was set for another night of fantastic in ring action, in the main event for the first time in NXT UK, a mixed tag match as Jack Starz assists Piper Niven in her quest for vengeance against Jinny and Joseph Conners. Also in action Tyler Bate faces Dave Mastiff in a heritage rules match, Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are back in action against Mark Andrews and β€œFlash” Morgan Webster, plus the debut of Teoman.

Dave Mastiff Vs Tyle Bate

*Tyle Bate picks the first fall by pin fall in round 2

*Dave Mastiff picks up his first fall by pin fall in round 3

*Tyler Bate picks up his second fall and the win by pin fall in round 5

A great match to start the show, the first two rounds started slow with some traditional British Wrestling and plenty of holds and locks. Mastiff had the weight and size advantage but Bate had speed and athleticism which he used to great effect to pick up the first fall. The match opened up in the third round, Bate full of confidence as he switched tactics and started to use his boxing skills lading some great punches, he attempted to lift Mastiff for air plane spin but Mastiff reversed it hitting a crucifix bomb to pick up his first fall, bringing the match level. Mastiff dominates the next two rounds as he looked to finish Bate with his cannon ball in the corner, Bate was able to counter striking first with his rolling kick, he was finally able to lift Mastiff on his shoulders for an air plane spin and quickly hit the Spiral Tap senton from the top rope to get a pin fall. Bate picks up the third and final pin fall, picking up the win. Following the match Mastiff offers his hand to Bate as sign of respect and the two shook hands.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are back stage talking about there up coming match with former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Andrews and β€œFlash” Morgan Webster.

Video promo Aoife Valkyrie continuing her storyline regarding with battling her own self doubt.

Teoman Vs Danny Jones

*Teoman defeats Danny Jones by submission

This was a quick and simple squash match, Danny Jones was not able to get much offence in at all but when he did we were able to see his strength. Teoman dominated this match from start to finish, he was both vicious and aggressive, really getting over this crazy loose cannon persona, picking up the win by forcing Jones to tap out after applying a Crossface.

Nina Samuels is forced to clean Xia Brooksides home, in one scene, she was seen cleaning dishes and once she finishes she realises that Xia had a dishwasher.

Video promo for Eddie Dennis’ the Hunt, Eddie Dennis is admonishing Mike β€œWild Boar” Hitchman for separating from the pack and getting taken out by Andrews and Webster, at the end he was dragged off by Primate and what looked like Tyson T-Bone.

A Video package for the French Hope Amale, as the first ever French female superstar in the WWE.

Gallus Video package as Wolfgang, Mark Coffey and Joe Coffey discuss needing to become ruthless once more following their recent losses.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan Vs β€œFlash” Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews

*Williams defeated Morgan Webster by pin fall.

A faced paced, high flying, action packed match, the focus was on if Williams’ would once again use under handed tactics to pick up the win or would the team finally fall apart. Andrews and Webster started out the stronger team isolating Jordan for a long period and frustrating Williams, the momentum switches and Williams and Jordan are able isolate Webster with Williams going after Webster’s injured ribs. The match eventually erupted into mayhem with both teams trading moves and momentum, in the melee Williams was able to hit a low blow, much to Jordan’s disgust despite picking up the win due to it.

Video Package for Trent Seven as he works towards making it to under 205lbs to challenge Jordan Devlin for his cruiser weight title, he discussed how hard its been to undertake this challenge during lockdown but now he has help in the form of his tag team partner Tyler Bate. He also revealed that he had not been monitoring his weight and that they will be doing a live weight loss reveal on next week’s edition of WWE’s the bump.

Video Package for Ben Carter as he reveals he will be competing under the new name of Nathan Frazer and soon that name will go down in history.

Walter is set to make a statement on next week’s NXT UK

Jinny and Joseph Conners vs Jack Starz and Piper Niven

*Jack Starz defeated Joseph Connors by pin fall

The first ever Mixed tag team match was all about Jinny doing her best to avoid actually having to face Piper Niven in the ring once more, with Joseph Connors underestimating the fortitude of Jack Starz. Connors dominated Starz throughout most of the opening stretch until he was able to find space and make the tag to Piper, Piper is unable to capitalize as when she lifted Jinny up, Jinny was able to reach out and make a tag back out. Connors once again dominates Starz who eventually made a come back and made the tag. This time Niven was able to deal out some damage to Jinny who cannot escape her clutches. In the final stretch, Jinny managed to tag out to Connors but this time Niven hit Connors with her Piper Driver before lifting and dropping Starz on to the prone Connors to get the win by pin fall.

A great night of action with NXT UK consistently proving to be the best hour of wrestling on TV, great matches throughout, in particular the opening heritage rules match between Bate and Mastiff, will Bate once again challenge A-Kid for the Heritage Championship? Some great angle advancement with Williams and Jordan too, what’s next for this troubled tag team? How will Jinny respond to this week’s loss, will she blame Conners? Plus what’s next for the former Ben Carter, now known as Nathan Fraiser? Still plenty to look forward to for next week as well, will Trent Seven make the 205 limit and face Jordan Devlin for his Championship? And what will the NXT UK champion Walter have to say next week, who will be the next one to face the Ring General?

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