Progress Chapter 105: Bring The Thunder – Recap and Results

Progress Wrestling returns following Chapter 104: Natural Progression (See Results Here), Chapter 5 sees the conclusion of the Natural Progression series with both the Semi-final matches, as we see Ethan Allen vs Luke Jacobs as well as Danny Black vs Warren Banks, with the final taking place later on the show. Plus after winning last weeks fatal 4 way, Chris Ridgeway faces Cara Noir for Progress Wrestling World title plus the first ever women’s Thunderbastard match to crown the No. 1 contender for the Progress Women’s Championship.

The show kicked off with Roy Johnson hosting once again, as he introduces the commentary team of Charles Crowley and Hustle Malone before introducing the first match.

Nautral Progress Series Semi-Final

Ethan Allen vs Luke Jacobs

*Luke Jacobs defeated Ethan Allen via referee stoppage

This was a classic old school competitive match with some great technical mat wrestling mixed in with some meat slapping. The tag team partners did not hold back against each other, Jacobs had the strength and size advantage but Allen had the speed. In the end it was the power advantage that saw Luke Jacobs control most of the match despite flurries of offence for Allen. The match comes to finish with Allen locked in a figure four leg lock, refusing to tap out he would pass out forcing the referee to stop the match and declare Jacobs the winner.

Natural Progression Series Semi-Final

Warren Banks vs Danny Black

*Warren Banks defeated Danny Black via submission

Danny Black was at a serious size disadvantage in this match up against Banks and although Black has the speed he could not sustain any offence for long as Banks was able to shut him down. Black would manage to land some high risk offence but on more than one occasion Banks just pulled him out the sky and bringing him down to the mat hard. Black did manage to hit his Out of the Black finisher, that he put Elijah away with, but Banks managed to kick out, Banks was able to get submission victory when he locked in a guillotine choke.

Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II (Lykos Gym) vs Big Guns Joe and Gene Munney

*Lykos Gym defeated Big Guns Joe via pin fall.

Kid Lykos and Lykos II lay out an open challenge to any two competitors back stage that think they’re big enough and so out came Big Guns Joe he then picks Gene Munney to be his partner. Munney and Joe have the strength and size advantage and at first they put it to good use against Lykos II, but team Lykos Gym had the tag team experience and this proved critical. Lykos Gym did have to resort to using their favourite weapon of a baking tray on Joe before hitting an incredible double team finisher to win the match via pin fall.

Chuck Mumbo vs Elijah

*Elijah defeated Chuck Mumbo via pin fall

A back and forth contest although Elijah was the aggressor throughout much of the match, the fun loving Mumbo did hit some impressive high flying spring boards coming close to picking up the win on a couple of occasions. Elijah just seemed to have the killer instinct that Mumbo was missing during the match, eventually Elijah would hit his Danger buster finisher picking up the win by pin fall.

Natural Progression Series Final

Luke Jacobs vs Warren Banks

*Luke Jacobs defeated Warren Banks by pin fall

A big old hoss fight for the final as the biggest competitors in the natural progression series clashed. Jacobs seemed to have a strength and technical advantage but Banks had speed and athleticism the two men clashed as the titans they are. The match would swing back and forth as neither could maintain momentum, this was the best the match of series, it really looked like neither man would pick up the win. In the end an incredibly hard hitting clothesline from Jacobs, that would make Hanson and Bradshaw proud, nearly took Banks’ head off allowing Jacobs to pick up the win by pin fall

Progress World Championship Match

Chris Ridgeway vs Cara Noir

*Cara Noir Defeated Chris Ridgeway by the referee stoppage

This match was just as hard hitting as you would expect from two competitors that have a huge arsenal of offensive kicks and strikes, these two are both modern day hybrid wrestlers who mix a variety of styles from their wrestling, ground and striking they both show they can do it all. Cara Noir tried his usual theatrics and mind games but they do not phase Ridgeway who is able dominate most of the match but Cara Noir is able to absorb an extraordinary amount of Punishment. Towards the end of the match they just go back and forth but it’s Noir is able to catch Ridgeway in his black out sleeper and is able to put him to sleep, winning the match by referee stoppage.

Thunderbastard Match

Millie McKenzie vs Lana Austin vs Alexxis Falcon vs Taonga vs Kanji vs Mercedez Blaze vs Gisele Shaw

*Lana Austin eliminated Alexxis Falcon by pin fall

*Millie McKenzie eliminated Taonga by pin fall

*Millie McKenzie eliminated Lana Austin by pin fall

*Kanji eliminated Millie McKenzie by pin fall

*Gisele Shaw is eliminated by disqualification

*Kanji Eliminated Mercedez Blaze by pin fall, earning a shot at the Progress Women’s Championship

Lana Austin started the match off with Millie McKenzie, the two battle it out before Alexxis Falcon enters the match, she is followed by Taonga 2 minutes later, as the four women do battle inside and outside the ring. Lana Austin picks up the first elimination after hitting a drapping DDT on Alexxis Falcon to get the pin fall. Millie McKenzie then eliminates Taonga, hitting a spear and the getting pin fall just as Kanji makes her way into the match. Millie, Lana and Kanji battle it out in the ring and Millie is able catch Lana and hit a devastating German suplex to eliminate her by pin fall, leaving just Millie and Kanji to battle out. Mercedez Blaze then enters the match but decides to wait on the outside whilst Kanji and Millie fight each other inside the ring, Kanji is able to get a roll up on Millie after recovering quickly from a German suplex catching a now tired Millie and eliminating her. Mercedez now had to get involved but just as she is about to get into the ring, Gisele Shaw enters the match, Mercedez tries to convince Shaw to team up with her and eliminate Kanji, Shaw agrees but immediately turned on Mercedez throwing her into the wall. Shaw picks up a iron bar out from the under the ring and attacks Kanji with the iron bar, focussing on her arm and is then disqualified stating this match was a farce and she was already the No. 1 contender from before the lockdown. Mercedez now stalks Kanji as if lion eyeing up her wounded prey but she is unable to put Kanji away as she keeps fighting back despite the arm injury. Kanji would hit Mercedez with turnbuckle assisted stunner and then roll her up to get the pin fall, Kanji wins the first ever women’s Thunderbastard match, earning a shot at the current Progress Women’s Champion Jinny.

Another great show, the first ever women’s Thuderbastard match was fantastic giving all the new faces time to shine and creating a new star in Kanji, all the women were amazing. The natural progression final was incredible, this years series has shown that there is plenty of young hungry talent on the British scene, I see big things for many of the guys in tournament. Ridgeway vs Cara Noir was exactly what you would have expected, a hard hitting contest ans whilst Ridgeway may have come up short in the match he put in a tremendous performance, both guys worked hard and put on a great match. I look forward to seeing what comes next for Progress, you can watch this Chapter 105:Bring the Thunder on the WWE network or on Demand Progress.

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