WWE NXT UK Recap and Results

Two big matches on this week NXT UK in the main event Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley) challenge Gallus (Wolfgang and Mark Coffey) for the NXT UK Tag team championships.

Plus Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels battle one time with the added stipulation of who ever looses the match will have to become the other’s assistant for one month.

Xia Brookside vs Nina Samuels

*Xia Brookside Defeated Nina Samuels

Xia started out aggressively, Nina tries to take advantage of Brookeside’s aggression, Brookside targets Nina’s arm, Nina is able to capitalize on a mistake from Brookisde and starts to dominate with her size advantage. Brookside is able to fight back, Nina realising she was trouble tried to get her bag man to pass her purse but he refuses, Nina got out of the ring to retrieve her bag her self. Nina attempts to hit Brookside with the handbag but Brookside avoided it, she kicked the bag out of Nina’s hand before tripping her and catching her with a Jackknife pin to get the pin fall victory. As Brookside celebrates her victory, Nina throws a tantrum in the ring, knowing she must now become Brookside’s assistant for one month.

Back stage Ilja Dragunov is talking to the camera man about loosing control in his matches, he is then approached by Sam Gradwell, who brought along security with him, as he antagonizes Ilja again, Ilja then throws out a challenge to Gradwell who accepts.

Video regarding Trent Seven finding the motivation to continue training during lock down as he looks to face Jordan Devlin for the NXT UK Cruiserweight champion.

Bailey Mathews vs Tyler Bate

*Tyler Bate Defeated Bailey Mathews by Pin fall

Bailey Mathews introduced himself to the NXT UK audience with an incredible match against former NXT UK champion Tyler Bate, dominating most of the match with an amazing display of wrestling able to completely control the former champion. This was reminiscent of John Cena’s match with Kurt Angle.

In the end the more experienced Tyler Bate is able to counter Mathews landing a heavy rolling kick to the back of Mathews Head. Bate capitalizes immediately with his Tyler Driver, driving Mathews into the mat hard and picking up the win by pin fall, Tyler shakes Mathews hand following the match.

Video Package for the impending arrival of Devam Edecek


Joseph Conners is back stage talking about his alliance with Jinny, when Piper Niven enters looking for Jinny, Connors refuses to tell Piper where Jinny is, so Piper attacks Conners. Jinny then comes out of know where to attack Piper from behind, the three are separated by security. Niven tells Sid Scala she wants a match with Conners and Jinny, Niven refuses to make that handicap match, when Piper grabs Jack Starz, telling Scala he would be her partner, Starz agrees.

Lana Austin vs Aoife Valkyrie

*Aofie Valkyrie defeated Lana Austin by Pinfall

Valkyrie starts out the stronger of two showing she has the advantage in speed and technique but Lana is able fire back with her strength advantage, aggressively attacking Valkyrie. Valkyrie is able fire back with some excellent strikes but she hesitates for slight second and Lana is able capitalize, getting three near falls. Valkyrie is able able to compose her self hitting a strong running enziguri before unleashing her own aggressive side, once she had Lana vulnerable she hits her diving scissor kick to pick up the win by pin fall.

Bate Vs Mastiff in two weeks.

Mixed Tag Team match Jack Starz and Piper Niven vs Jinny and Joseph Conners

Back stage the camera man asks how Xia Brookside is feeling following her win, she says feels great but is unsure about Nina Samuels, who could then bee seen carrying Brookside’s bags, looking back at her and saying “You asked for it”.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are backstage, they are asked if they will be watching tonight’s main event, to which they respond of course they are, Kenny then reveals he is now 100% fit and that next week, he and Amir will face Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter.

Video Package building towards next weeks main event where Meiko Satomura will face Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK women’s Championship,

Next Week

Supernova sessions with Noam Dar and his guest will be Tyler Bate.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley) Vs Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang

*Pretty Deadly defeat Gallus by Pin fall,

Gallus take the advantage early on able to out muscle and out wrestle both members of pretty deadly forcing Pretty Deadly to regroup on the outside. Wolfgang tries to charge down Stoker in the corner but Howley is able to pull his partner out of the way, forcing Wolfgang to crash into the turnbuckles. Howley and Stoker have amazing chemistry as seen in this match working together seamlessly causing distractions and isolating Wolfgang with great double team offence.


Howley makes a mistake and Wolfgang is able power his way through to making a tag to Coffey, Coffey comes in like a ball dozer dominating both Stoker and Howley who just could not shut him down but Coffey could not get a pin on either Howley or Stoker. Howley is able to get a blind tag which Coffey did not see allowing Pretty Deadly to take advantage once again, with Wolfgang still down Coffey had no one to tag. Coffey hit a enziguri just as Wolfgang finally recovered, they hit a double team move but Stoker made the save on a pin fall attempt. The two teams trade momentum back and forth. Pretty Deadly are able to lure Wolfgang into a trap on the outside of the ring managing to take him out of the match.

With Coffey isolated Pretty Deadly use the tag team titles first to distract the referee then hit Coffey with a DDT onto the belt. With Coffey now prone for the finish Pretty Deadly hit their spilt milk finisher for the win by pin fall becoming new NXT UK Tag team champions.


Another incredible NXT UK, an amazing main event to crown new tag team champions in Pretty Deadly, plus what a debut for Bailey Mathews against Tyler Bate and Afoie Valkyrie continues to climb the ladder of the women’s ranks. Plenty to look forward to next week and the week after as NXT UK continues to build on storylines and develop their stars. Next week see the big Women’s championship main event plus Tyler Bate on Super Nova sessions, as well as in two weeks time huge mix person tag team match and Tyler Bate takes on Bomber Dave Mastiff one on one.

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