Will Ospreay Offers Yota Tsuji A Place In His United Empire -“We’ll look After You”

During yesterdays NJPW Road to Castle Attack “The Commonwealth Kingpin” Will Ospreay and his United Empire Faction, consisting of Jeff Cobb and Great O’Khan faced off against Hiroshi Tanashashi, Hiroyoshi Tenzen and Gabriel Kid, in a winning effort.

Following the match Ospreay and Cobb continued their assault on Tenzen whilst Great O’Khan attacked the Tanahashi, Yuya Uemura attempted to intervene and stop the viscous assault only to be taken out. Notably Tanahashi’s young charge Yota Tusji, stood idly by watching the attack, Tsuji who has seconded Tanahashi on several occasions, usually by leading the fan chants during Tanahashi’s matches.

As Great O’Khan stood over his victim Tanahashi, Tsuji could be seen holding Tanahashi’s Never Open Weight Title looking down at his mentor, Will Ospreay could be seen talking to Tsuji asking him to join their faction with Will Ospreay saying “We’ll Take Care Of You”. This was followed up later in the day with the above tweet from Will Ospreay, where he would ask Tsuji to let him know, reiterating the “We’ll Take Care Of You” line.

Great O’Khan is due to face Tanahashi for the Never Open Weight Championship on Night 2 of the up coming Castle Attacks event on the 27th and 28th of February, so this could be a ploy to cause a rift in Tanahshi’s relationship with his young Charge ahead of their scheduled clash.

What do you think, are the United Empire just trying to play head games to upset Tanahashi ahead of their Clash? Or are we going to see Tsuji join United Empire betraying his mentor and him costing his title at Castle Attacks?

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Source NJPW World Will Ospreay Twitter