Tony Khan Talks About How Aggressive He Was Trying To Sign Trent From Best Friends

All Elite Wrestling became a premier landing spot for wrestlers if the WWE didn’t pan out or to discover life after the WWE. While others had discovered a place where they could prove their worth and find an opportunity, others had to think about whether or not a brand new company could give them the opportunity they were seeking to find in the days before Dynamite.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Tony Khan spoke about a particular wrestler he had to convince to come to AEW, namely Trent from Best Friends. He managed to put in the hard work and get him to sign, but it sounds like the same tactic didn’t work for everyone and has revealed that some who he originally contacted that opted against AEW now regret not signing.

“Trent was probably the hardest person to convince that actually came. I spent a lot of time on the phone with a few people who needed the extra convincing and people I believed in and put the full-court press on. There are a couple of other people who didn’t come that made a huge mistake and should have listened to me, and they didn’t and he did. we talk about it all the time and we joke about it all the time that he made the right decision, probably every single month I tell him that. I’m a huge, huge Trent fan. I’ve been a huge fan for many years.”

It was said Trent could have stayed with New Japan and the company had plans for him, but Tony Khan had promised him he would “be happier here.” He might be injured, but Tony Khan definitely is glad Trent made the choice he feels was right.

h/t to Ringside News for the quote

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