Kurt Angle Not Happy Lars Sullivan Was Put Over At His Expense

The night after WrestleMania 35, Kurt Angle had a moment to wish the fans well now that he was retiring. Unfortunately, the moment was ruined when Lars Sullivan arrived and decimated the Olympic Gold Medalist. The WWE was starting to build Sullivan as a monster and Angle was asked to help.

Angle had a chance to talk about this on his Kurt Angle Show podcast, where he talked about how he was upset that he was used to put Lars Sullivan over. While he admits he wouldn’t be so mad if Sullivan had worked out the way the WWE had wanted, Sullivan suffered an injury not long after his debut and wound up missing a lot of time, which inevitably spelled the beginning of the end for The Freak.

“I thanked Baron because he was going to allow me to shine before I stepped down. After the WrestleMania match, being able to go out in the ring and get some shine on him, I ended my career on a high note and then all of a sudden Lars Sullivan came out. I wouldn’t have been upset if Lars Sullivan worked out.”

“Vince loved his look, strength and explosiveness, I just think he wasn’t as experienced as he could have been to start out. I think he needed a little bit more training, he was very basic and he had an incredible look and I think Vince was drawn to that. I had to put Lars over, just another one of those things I did before I made my way out of the company as a wrestler.”

Sullivan eventually got mired in a sea of controversy before he even returned from injury and eventually disappeared almost as fast as he returned. Sullivan eventually got released and while Angle was a professional, he certainly feels upset they used his name to invest in something that never clicked for the WWE.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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