Arn Anderson Slams The Original Sin Cara, Reveals Story About Cody Rhodes Working Stiff With Him

One of the more curious cases of international stars suffering issues in the WWE is the original Sin Cara, now known in Mexico as Caristico. His run with the WWE was plagued with a wellness policy strike, por in-ring work, and a bad backstage attitude.

Arn Anderson has been critical of the then-Sin Cara in the past, but buried into him on his most recent episode of The Arn Show. He had no problem talking about how despite the hopes they had to make him a star, he just didn’t have it.

“This guy came in with all this hype and here it was one of those times. And it was discussed and and true you needed a Mexican star if you are going to run Mexico. Or Spanish countries Rey Rey Mysterio was that guy. And you don’t replace Rey, there’s nobody come along, I haven’t seen anyone to this day that’s going to eclipse Rey Mysterio and all that he’s accomplished.”

“This guy didn’t show me anything. Not a damn thing. He had a bad attitude. If he spoke English he acted like he didn’t. Now we’re not talking about Hunico. We are talking about the original….. Yes and he just. He was one of those guys flat brought just the Mexican style.”

Arn wasn’t crazy about the way he worked and revealed that he spoke with Cody Rhodes about going a little rough on him as a potential punishment, and how it wound up working out during a house show in South Africa.

“I told Cody I said ‘Kid it’s the last day of the tour. Go out there and show him what we do.’ And I’m getting reports and Cody beat the piss out of this guy. And made him fight him. And all the high spots went away and turned into a real good scuffle. And I guess it was the best match that that guy had had to that point and one of the best matches Cody had. But it was about a half ass shoot…. He’s gone shortly after that. So the only decent match he must’ve had with our company and I don’t remember seeing it because I didn’t see it.”

Caristico may not have lasted long in the WWE, but he’s returned to Mexico where he seems to have returned to his place as one of the top stars in Mexico. However, he may have burned his bridge with one of the biggest company in the world.

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