Al Snow Sees Similarities In Today’s Pro Wrestling Landscape And The Territory Days

Al Snow has seen a lot of things in a career that began in 1982. Snow was part of wrestling during a time where things weren’t just confined to one promotion, as he managed to take part in the last of the territory days.

It’s still a time the long time veteran knows well, considering how much he’s seen. He spoke about it at length with Vikram Prashar from the Wrestling With Awareness podcast, where he and Snow talked about the similarities he’s seen with those days and wrestling now considering the building partnerships AEW and Impact Wrestling have.

History always repeats itself and professional wrestling, it’s, you know, this isn’t the first time that professional wrestling’s been on a national or international, well internationally yes, but nationally, WWE is not the first time it has been on a national stage, they have throughout the years, went national, then went regional, then went national, and then regional again, and you know, history repeats itself, and there’s a good opportunity here, that, potentially, wrestling could go back regionally, you know, your never gonna displace WWE, I mean it’s gonna stay here, you know, and still gonna be the national outlet, but there are places, rungs on the ladder, that you know, operations can not only survive, but thrive on a regional basis. You know, that’s what I hope to do with OVW is to reach out to a national and international audience via television and streaming, but live event wise, just maintain a regional presence in regards to, you know, the live event touring, because we just don’t have the infrastructure to be able to, you know, travel across the country, and you know, run events everywhere. So, you know if you want to come to watch a live event, you have to come down to the State of Kentucky, or Indiana, or Ohio, or you know, West Virginia, you know and, visit us there, but we’re not gonna go much beyond a two and a half three hour radius to do live events, you know, we’re not going to, you know, even WWE, you know the running live events is a, is a massive money investment, and for us, you know, it’s a, it’s a viable option because of the fact that, you know, we’re not gonna have these expenses that a national promotion would have, and, to run those live events. We can do it on a much tighter budget with a bunch of lower overhead, and operate and actually make money.

Snow is an active part of the new management of Ohio Valley Wrestling, which is hoping to get a lot of coverage in that particular reason with the new ownership. Snow definitely had a lot to say, including thoughts on the AEW/Impact partnership, high marks for Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff, and who he’d ever want to induct him if he made it to the WWE Hall of Fame. You can watch the interview below.

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