Kenny Omega Gives Update On Upcoming AEW Console Game And Biggest Challenge Facing Them

All Elite Wrestling previously announced their AEW Games division, which is set to release an AEW video game for consoles.

Current AEW World Champion Kenny Omega recently spoke with TalkSport and discussed the upcoming console release. Currently there is no firm release date set for the games release, but Omega gave an update on the project with their partner Yukes.

“I’m really excited. We’re always in contact almost everyday with our teams at Yuke’s. I’m always in contact with Geta-san as well and I feel like we’ve got a really good chemistry and dynamic with one another. The biggest challenge we have right now is kind of representing the current wrestling style in a way that still make it feel like the games of old. Because things have changed, it’s not the same wrestling climate as it was in 2000.”

Omega went on to talk about one of the biggest challenges facing them and the development of the upcoming game.

“As you know, we’ve kind of crossed over into a new generation of wrestling and wrestling styles and certain types of wrestling never ages. I wrestle a certain way and the way that I wrestle may not be the way that Fenix or Jungle Boy wrestles, but how can we represent all of those styles in a way where it makes you feel as if you’re playing as those people, how do we make that mesh well in an actual wrestling game? We’re getting closer to that answer and I think with every little new addition to our engine, we feel it out, we see it and play it out. Then we tweak it, then we have other ideas how to tweak it and then tweak it again from there and then maybe we’ll come up with a brand new idea.”


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