NXT UK Recap, Results and Review

This week sees the Heritage cup return to NXT as Sha Samuels is set to take on current NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid, in a UK Heritage rules match. Ben Carter also returns to action looking to continue wowing crowds with his high speed high flying style, plus in true heavyweight clash Joe Coffey looks to put a stop to Rampage Brown winning streak.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship

Sha Samuels vs A-Kid

A-Kid Defeats Sha Samuel retaining the Heritage Cup Championship

*Sha Samuels picks up the first fall with only 30 seconds left in the first round, with the Butchers Hook

*A-Kid picks up his first fall in the third round following a Flying Super Kick

*A-Kid Picks up the win in the fifth round with the Oma Plata Submission

Sha Samuels managed to damage A-Kids Shoulder towards the end of the first round, Sha would continue to focus on this injury throughout the match, A-Kid showed plenty of technical wrestling and the fire that saw him win the Heritage Cup. A-Kid was left fighting an uphill battle after loosing a fall in the first round, Sha fought the match like the bully bruiser he is trying to dominate A-Kid with the size and strength advantage.

A-Kid showed more of hybrid wrestling style, leaning on his MMA background with some amazing reversals and transitions as well as some fantastic striking, managing to pick up a fall in the third round. Sha thought he had the match won in the fourth round with his butchers hook but A-Kid was saved by the bell, both men looked visibly exhausted heading into the fifth round.

Both men kept looking for a submission victory in the fifth round Sha with his Butchers Hook, A-Kid with a variety of arm bars managing to pick up the win with the Oma Plata (Double Arm Bar) submission.

First promo video for Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey

Video Package for NXT UK Champion Walter equaling Pete Dunne’s title reign.

Josh Morrell Vs Ben Carter

Ben Carter defeated Josh Morell

Both competitors start the match with some truly excellent wrestling, exchanging holds and locks before the pace quickens, Morrell is able to match Carter for the most part but Carter did seem to have a slight edge overall. Both of these competitors are known for there high octane and high flying offence but showed they are able to match up with great technical wrestling masters of the British/European wrestling style.

They finally unload toward the end of the match with some great dives, flips and dodges, in the end it was Carter who picked the victory with a frog splash.

Backstage Coffey can be seen warming up for his match with Rampage Brown

Video Package of a Press Conference for Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura where it is announced that the two will face each other for the NXT Women’s Championship in two weeks time.

Video Package recapping the rivalry between Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels

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Aleah James and Dani Luna

Dani Luna defeated Aleah James by pin fall

Dani Luna dominated much of this match with her power advantage throwing James around the rind and hitting her with some clubbing blows, James would show glimpses of her ability, showing her great athleticism and agility but she just could not match the strength of Luna who picked up the win with a powerbomb.

Backstage Rampage Brown can be seen warming up for his match with Joe Coffey

Video Package from Jinny and Joseph Conners as they address Piper Niven

Next Week

Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley) Vs Gallus (Wolfgang and Mark Coffey) for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey

Rampge Brown Defeated Joe Coffey by pinfall

The two men clashed as the titans they are in true heavyweight style, some hard hitting action mixed in power moves, Rampage is able to strike first catching Joe Coffey in the air and slamming him down hard to the mat. Coffey is able to strike back with a double leg take down followed by raining down blows on Rampage, looking to use his superior striking with his boxing and working over Rampages body. Coffey tells Rampage this is his Kingdom, Rampage starts to fight back but is shut down with a huge diving shoulder block sending him to the mat.

Rampage once again makes his way back into the match landing a huge back suplex, he went for the Doctor Bomb but Coffey blocks, Rampage comes flying off the second rope with a flying shoulder block. Coffey is able to hit a huge belly to belly suplex as the two start trade blows and throws, Coffey hits a German Suplex followed by the Glasgow send off but Rampage is able to roll to the outside.

On the outside the Coffey goes to hit the Glasgow send off to Rampage into the stairs but Rampage manages to move out the way. Back in the ring Coffey cannot pin Rampage off of a spring board cross body, Coffey goes for the All The Best For The Bells Clothesline but is blocked by Rampage, who hits his Doctor Bomb to pick up the win.

Both Men Shake hands following the match.

A Fantastic NXT UK this week, opening strongly with the NXT UK Heritage match between Sha and A-Kid, plus an incredible clash of titans in Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown, Ben Carter, Josh Morell, Aleah James and Dani Luna also impressed in their matches. Next week Gallus defend their NXT UK tag team championship against Pretty Deadly plus in two weeks time Kay Lee Ray defends her NXT Women’s championship against Meiko Satomura, big things lie ahead for NXT UK.

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