Young Rock EP 01 Review

Dwayne Johnson or The Rock is one of the most interesting pro-wrestlers of all time and his life story becoming a TV show was just a matter of time. Young Rock navigates through the younger years of Dwayne Johnson’s life before he became the global icon he is today.

The pilot episode of show is a very easy watch. All three actors that portray Johnson throughout different parts of his life do a nice job acting and no one feels out of place.

The character that stole the show in this first episode was to be Rocky Johnson. Joseph Lee Anderson does a great job interpreting Rocky Johnson. Stacey Leilua also does a wonderful job as Ata Johnson (Dwayne’s mother).

The wrestling references and personalities seen on the show were quite fun to watch. One thing is for sure, Dwayne Johnson must have hundreds of stories about Andre, Iron Sheik and many more legends of the sport.

Young Rock reminds me of Everybody Hates Chris (TV show about the childhood of Chris Rock) and Me, Myself & I ( TV show about a man’s life through 3 different periods of his life). It combines aspects of both shows and it will be interesting to see how the show evolves from this first episode and what aspects will it borrow from the TV shows mentioned and what aspects will it naturally be theirs.

Overall, It was a every easy watch and entertaining. The show is still every early and it feels like a pilot playing it safe in some aspects of the episode and that’s not a bad thing. I recommend checking it out. I’m definitely returning next week to watch episode 2.

Rating: 3.5\5