Camp Leapfrog #Lovefrog Results

Camp Leapfrog brought wrestling love this past Sunday with #Lovefrog, exclusively on!

  • In a tadpole match, “Philly” Mike Swanson made his point of hating luchadores in his defeat of Saber Dorado.
  • Trying to send a message of using your social media wisely and with research, Francis Wright took issue with Joey Ibanez. Ibanez transformed into Kamen MK to defeat Francis Wright.
  • The Boar (with Erica Leigh) pinned Violence.
  • In a Speed Dating Five-Way Scramble, CC Boost defeated Hot Dog Starkes, “Twitch” Lucas DiSangro, Dan Champion, and Max ZERO. CC thought he was getting a date with Sam Leterna, but instead it was with Killawatt. Boost jumped into Killawatt’s arms and was carried out of the ring.
  • In a Blind Date Blindfold Match, Love Doug pinned Basic Becca.
  • Kaia McKenna was able to rally a magic defense to defeat Ryan Nova.
  • The Camp Leapfrog Campers Of The Year, Oreo Speedwagon, Joshua Wavra and Xavier Faraday, seemed like they were having communication issues as Wavra seemed to obsess over the award plaque. Camp Leapfrog director Brad Rush then put the award up for grabs in four-way tag team encounter. In the end, Oreo Speedwagon retained when Faraday joined Wavra in using deceitful to defeat The Big Bad Booty Daddies (Ron Voyage, Trajan Horn), CrushCakes (Pancakes, The Crusher), and The Goons (Eel O’Neal, Myles Millennium).
  • The Camp Leapfrog Dating Game, hosted by Phil Stamper, saw Killian McMurphy and his Goons (Eel O’Neal, Myles Millennium, Big Dust) try to manipulate Erica Leigh into going on a date with them. Leigh saw right through it. With Killian tried to blame Ref Gina, Erica came to her defense, leading into the next match.
  • Erica Leigh pulled out all the stops against Killian McMurphy. Her friend, The Boar, removed Eel and Myles from ringside. But, right as victory was in her grasp, Eel and Myles returned, attacking Leigh to give her a DQ victory over McMurphy.
  • The Camp Leapfrog champion A Very Good Professional Wrestler was to defend his title against ABBS and Abby Jane, until Sidney Bakabella convinced AVGPW that they didn’t deserve the opportunity, resulting in the match not taking place.
  • Pop Flyers (Boomer Hatfield, Molly McCoy) defeat The Runway (Calvin Couture, Tyler Klein), in spite of Effy attempting to interfere.
  • This lead directly into an anything goes encounter as Still Life With Apricots and Pears then came to the ring. In a hard-fought battle that went in and out of the ring, and through paint canvases and doors, Still Life pinned Effy!

Camp Leapfrog returns with #CampersChoice LIVE on on Saturday, March 20.

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