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Another action packed night for NXT UK, with a street fight main event as Eddie Dennis’ the Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar) face off against Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster will this heated rivalry finally be put to bed. Also Sha Samuels will be a guest on Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions plus Meiko Satomura makes her NXT UK debut.

Sid Scalla responds to a disturbance back stage, when he arrives on the scene we see Mark Andrews and Webster stating they’re sick of the numbers game so they’ve done something about it. Sid Scalla heads into the room which Andrews and Webster came from to find Wild Boar had been taken out, meaning Eddie Dennis will now take his place in the main event.


Meiko Satomura vs Isla Dawn

*Meiko Satomura defeated Isla Dawn

Kay Lee Ray watched the match from the balcony, Satomura dominated the match early on with hard kicks and a variety of holds. Dawn is able to get back into the match following a Fisherman Suplex. Dawn made a mistake going to the top turnbuckle but is caught by Satomura who hit a Superplex but another Suplex from Dawn gets her back into the match. Satomura picked up the win with a Scorpion Rising Scissor Kick getting the pinfall.

Video from earlier in the week, shows Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey in a conference room, Johnny Saint comes on the big screen, to announce that next week Joe Coffey and Rampage brown will go one in one in a proper Heavyweight clash.

Dani Luna promo video focussing on her power lifting back ground.

Video package for Afoie Valkarie

Back stage Meiko Satomura lets Kay Lee Ray know she is ready for her.

Noam Dar Supernova Sessions

Noam Dar opens up with some “Comedy” Dialogue, Noam brings out his guest this week, the East End Butcher Sha Samuels, as Noam and Sha exchange pleasantries about the good old days. Sha suddenly, angrily exclaims that he had not spent 18 years grafting to be made a joke of trying to make him Ed Harvey, Noam is able to calm Sha letting him know he has some pull here on NXT UK and could get him a match. Out comes Sid Scalla before Noam could finish, after Sha addresses him as the help, Noam is able to get Sid Scalla to tentatively agree to Sha Samuels vs A-Kid for the NXT UK Hertitage Cup Championship, saying he will speak to Johnny Saint.

Video promo from Nina Samuels regarding the challenge made by Xia Brookside last week, Nina sates she does accept but on own terms, adding the stipulation that whoever looses will have to become the others assistant for the month.

Video Package for Trent Seven regarding his work to make it to under 205lbs and finding that motivation so that he can face Jordan Devlin for the NXT UK Cruiserweight Championship.

Amale Vs Piper Niven

*Piper Niven Defeated Amale

Amale showed no fear facing Piper Niven, slapping her across the face, which only angered Niven who then dominates with power and weight advantage. With Jinny’s new partner Joseph Conners causing the distraction Amale was able to get some offence in but it did not last long, Niven hit a cannonball following up with her Piper Driver to pick up the win by pinfall.

Earlier in the week Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) met with Pretty Deadly (Sam Stocker and Lewis Howley) to sign the contract to face each other in two weeks time with the NXT UK Tag Team Championship,

Video Package Ben Carter

Next Week

Primate and Eddie Dennis vs Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews

*Andrews and Webster Defeated Primate and Dennis

As the music played for Andrews and Webster, we go to the camera back stage that shows Eddie Dennis and Primate had already started attacking Andrews and Webster, only dragging Webster to ring so they can start the match. Primate and Eddie are able to double team Webster with Andrews still laid out back stage, Webster does his best to hold on and fight back until Andrews made his return with a Moonsault from a scaffold stage.

Now the teams are even once more. The two teams fight all all around the ringside and arena, it does not take long to ascend into complete chaos, the two teams each start to use anything they can find, from chairs, a crash helmet and of course a kendo stick. Dennis and Primate focus on Andrews’ previously injured leg but Webster is able to make another come back as Andrews recovers, after Andrews and Webster take care of Primate on the outside the two are able to exact a measure of revenge with Dennis alone inside the ring.

Andrews and Webster look to finish Dennis off with a table but Primate makes a save, momentum swung back and forth until Primate missed a spear and ended up going through the table. Andrews and Webster were able to finish of both Dennis and Primate with double top turnbuckle dives, as Webster hits a 630 Senton on Dennis, with Andrews hitting a Shooting Star Splash on Primate to win the match by pin fall.

A great night of action from NXT UK, Andrews and Webster look to have put their long lasting rivalry with Eddie Dennis and his Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar) with a win in the main event, plus Meiko Satomura makes and emphatic statement in her debut match. Next week looks to be just as explosive with a true heavyweight clash between Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown plus Sha Samuels faces A-Kid for the NXT UK Heritage Championship.

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