New Conspiracy Pops Up Alleging NWA Legend Stan Lane Is Illegitimate Father Of Current US Congresswoman

Politics and professional wrestling have made strange bedfellows through the years. Whether it was Jesse Ventura as the governor of Minnesota, legendary Japanese star The Great Sasuke following in the steps of Antonio Inoki, Hiroshi Hase, and Atsushi Onita being elected to office in Japan, or even Kane as the Mayor of Knox County, TN, nothing has become quite as strange as the case of Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

The current 3rd congressional district of Colorado congresswoman has been in the news for her controversial views, having supported the far-right conspiracy QAnon, and made waves when she attempted to bypass a metal detector in the hours following the January 6th riots and attempting to bring a gun onto the floor of the House of Representatives. Now it seems she may have a small crossover into the world of professional wrestling, as for years her mother has alleged former NWA star and one half of the legendary Midnight Express tag team is her estranged father.

A user on Twitter unearthed comments on a YouTube video from several years ago highlighting Lane’s former Fabulous Ones tag team with Steve Keirn. A user named Shawna Bentz makes several comments on the video, stating Lane is the father of a child named Lauren. Later, a screenshot from a Facebook comment in the WrestleReunion Facebook group a user named Shawn Bentz asks if Lane will be at the gathering, where Bentz once again says he can meet Boebert, who he has refused to acknowledge.

Bentz then alleges they are the maternal first cousin of Lane, who took a DNA test in 2013 that allegedly matches Lane to Boebert via autosomal DNA. According to, autosomal DNA traces the autosomal chromosomes that will have segments of DNA a person would share with someone whom they’re related to maternally and paternally, along with directly and indirectly.

Archived tweets from an account alleged to be Boebert’s mother says that Lane paid money to deny paternal ties to her child, referring to it as fraud.

Boebert was born Lauren Roberts in Altamonte Springs, Florida back in 1986, and Lane was a heavy presence in Florida with his Fabulous Ones tag team in the 80s. This is a lot to digest, certainly, especially when you take into account there was a fake Stane Lane that lived a lie for several years.

In 2011, it was revealed a man had spent many years living a lie that he had worked in the industry as Stan Lane, to the point that his local newspaper ran an obituary claiming it and his family sold fake merchandise to fans at his funeral. Needless to say, it’s entirely possible this fake Stan Lane pops into this story in some capacity, but that’s a whole other conspiracy to unpack.

This conspiracy even managed to make it to this week’s Jim Cornette Drive Thru podcast, where Cornette tries to put together the timeline of events to debunk the allegations, but even he can’t seem to do so.

There is lots to unpack here. But it’s politics and pro wrestling, some of this has to be fake, right?

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