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Another big night for NXT UK as we see the continuation of the Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels feud, Ilja Dragunov is also back in action as he is set to face Tyson T-Bone. Plus in the main event of the night Jordan Devlin is set for another open challenge for his Cruiserweight championship, who will answer the challenge?

Xia Brookside vs Nina Samuels

Xia and Nina kick the night off, Nina comes out with her bags to ringside, Xia does not hesitate in the ring taking Nina straight down to the mat, raining down the blows, as they scrambled to their feet, Xia applies a headlock. Xia forces Nina into the corner and sweeps her leg, Xia has the speed advantage hitting a flurry of high speed offence. Nina has the power advantage stopping Xia in her tracks and hitting a great reverse suplex, then Nina gets viscous by stomping Xia into the mat. Xia is able to get a reversal going for school boy roll up, Nina goes after Xia’s leg, Nina grinds and stretches Xia with a variety of holds, wearing her down, Nina reminds Xia “she’s only fit to carry her bags”. Nina hits a high kick to head with Xia placed on the top turn buckle, Xia fires back with big fore arms picking up the pace, Xia hits a Tilt-a-whirl, sending Nina into the corner, following up with broken wings knees, before landing a face crusher, the match spills outside. Nina threw a bag in the ring distracting the referee and confusing Xia, Nina also dropped her handbag on the edge of the ring, as the referee clears the other bag from the ring Nina then hits Xia with the handbag knocking Xia out, Nina gets the pin.

Sid Scalla, talking to the camera about new No. 1 contenders for the tag team titles, when Devlin walks past and questions Sid on who his opponent will be for tonight’s open challenge, Scalla says they’re still working on it.

Jack Starz is talking to the camera about his match with Ilja, when he gets pulled to one side away from the camera by Sid Scalla, will he be Devlin’s opponent?

Josh Morrell vs Joseph Conners with Jinny

The match starts with some great British wrestling, Conners controls Morrell switching and transitioning holds. Morrell breaks free and lands a Drop kick, Conners goes outside, he gets a pep talk from Jinny “you are worthy that boy is nothing”. Conners again controls the young rookie with wrist lock, Morrell tries escape athletically but Conners grabs a hand full hair slamming him into the mat, before he rams Morrell head first into the bottom Turn Buckle. Conners lays waste to poor Morell with heavy shots, he keeps looking for the pin but Morrell keeps kicking out. Conner’s lands a nasty back breaker, Morrell cannot get out the gate as Conners continues wearing his opponent down with modified chin lock, followed by more heavy shots. Morrell finally gets some space with a sunset flip, he hits dropkick and a twisting senton. Morrell, in the corner dodges out of the way of a charging Conners with an incredible flip but Conners hits a DDT out of know where shutting Morrell down, Conners then finishes him off with straight jacket Neck breaker.

Sha Samuel Promo Video as the East End Butcher, introduces himself to the NXT UK audience noting he is a cold blooded butcher, 18 years pro, who’s competed in all types of venues, is now here to make mark in NXT UK.

Xia Brookside still furious with how her match ended is looking for Sid Scalla back stage letting him know that she wants a rematch with Nina Samuels.

Ilja Dragunov vs Tyson T-Bone

Ilja is quick out the gate but T-Bone lands a big shot Putting Ilja to the ground, the former bare knuckle brawler continues to land heavy shots on Ilja, Ilja tries to tie T-Bone up with wrestling before hitting a stinging chop. Ilja controls T-Bone on ground from the top position, when out comes Sam Gradwell, Ilja locks in a shoulder choke but T-Bone powers out, Gradwell heckles Ilja from the outside, T-Bone scoops up and slams Ilja to the mat followed by a big knee drop. Ilja tries to fight back with the use of some Russian Sambo wrestling, however T-Bone matches Ilja thanks to his strength advantage, a big running knee from Ilja rocks T-Bone who keeps fighting back hitting a big T-bone suplex and fall away slam, T-Bone throws Ilja around the ring with ease. Gradwell continues to mouth off from ringside at Ilja, T-Bone cant keep Ilja down for the pin, Ilja lands a reversal with a hip toss, however he gets distracted by Gradwell, T-Bone hits another big slam, Ilja dodges a clothesline matrix style but T-Bone again hits another big suplex. Gradwell continues to mock Ilja from the outside, T-Bone hits a slap to Ilja’s back, this just lights a fire under Ilja who once again snaps unleashing his fury on T-Bone he applies the crucifix lock and rains down elbows until the referee stops the match.

After the match Gradwell continues his verbal onslaught on Ilja, who looses it and tries to go after Gradwell, Gradwell just laughs calling Ilja nothing more than child throwing a tantrum.

Meiko Satomura promo video, featuring Ashton Smith, Dave Mastiff, Gallus members Wolfgang and Mark Coffey and Jinny, speaking highly of Satomura as a wrestler the end of the video notes that Satomura will debut next week.

Back stage Sid can bee seen talking to Amir Jordan, still looking for an opponent for Devlin’s open Challenge.

Danny Jones Vs Joe Coffey

The two competitors start the match by locking up before an old school test of strength, Jones slaps Coffey, Coffey unleashes with strikes before a big shoulder block pounce and a big side slam, Coffey lets his hands loose, reminds Jones that NXT UK is Gallas’ and his Kingdom. Jones tries to pump up and lands a couple of shots before Coffey gets a hold of him and hits belly to belly suplex, Jones dodges a clothesline and immediately follows it up connecting with an enzuguri before going for a sleeper hold. Coffey is able to break the hold, he then hits a Glasgow send off and then his all the best for the bells clothesline to win the match by pinfall.

Joe Coffey delivers a promo on Rampage, telling him this is his kingdom, out comes Rampage as he tells Coffey any time any where.

Recap from last week’s main event where Pretty Deadly (Sam Stocker and Lewis Howley) became the No. 1 contenders for the NXT Tag Team Titles, this is followed by promos from both Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) and Pretty Deadly,

Video recap of the rivalry between Eddie Dennis’ the Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar) and “Flash” Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews’

Next Week

Eddie Dennis’ The Hunt vs “Flash” Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews in a Street fight.

Noam Dar Super Nova Sessions with Sha Samuels

Devlin’s Cruiser Weight Open Challenge

Devlin Starts on the mic moaning about how Sid Scalla could not find a challenge, Devlin then calls out anyone under 205 but out comes Mastiff, Devlin mocks Mastiff for not being under 205. Mastiff notes “well dome captain obvious”, i’m still here to kick your ass, you’re just keeping title warm for Trent Seven before knocking the cruiser weight champion to floor. Devlin infuriated than decides to take on Dave Mastiff in a non title open challenge.

Jordan Devlin vs Dave Mastiff

Devlin starts off showing some great Athleticism but he cannot match the power and weight of Mastiff, who shows his own acrobatics doing a cartwheel followed by senton.

Mastiff applies a headlock to Devlin nearly popping his head off Devlin breaks the hold with a jawbreaker, Mastiff sends him to turnbuckle, Devlin just crumbles.Mastiff hits a German suplex but cannot get the pin Devlin keeps trying to fight back, Mastiff keeps shutting him down, Devlin manages to flip out of another German suplex attempt landing on his feet. Devlin then attacks Mastiff leg with a chop block, Devlin now targets the leg of the big man, hitting another chop block, then just stomping on it. Mastiff makes it back to his feet they start trading blows, Mastiff struggles on his leg, Devlin applied the pressure but Mastiff hits huge diving shoulder block from middle rope.

They start to trade blows again, Mastiff hits a big back body drop, launching Devlin into the corner, before whipping Devlin so hard into to the corner that Devlin spills over the top rope to the floor. Mastiff breaks the count by chasing Devlin back into ring, Mastiff ends up back outside Devlin goes for dive over the top rope but is caught by Mastiff, who hits a rolling senton driver. Mastiff breaks the count again going for a cannonball, Devlin moves out the way, Mastiff crashes through the barrier.

Both men beat the ten count getting back into the ring Mastiff lands a top rope diving head but but Devlin kicks out the pin attempt, Devlin goes after Mastiff’s leg once more, he hits a sling shot cutter,

heading to the top rope Devlin hits a 450 to beat Mastiff by pinfall.

An action packed edition of NXT UK topped with an incredible surprise main event with Mastiff answering Devlin’s open challenge, the was plenty of hard hitting in ring action. Next week already looks set to be another week of can’t miss action including the debut of Meiko Satomura plus a tag team street fight where Eddie Dennis’ the Hunt face off with “Flash” Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews.

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