NJPW Road to New Beginning 01/25/21

Now on to the final Road to New Beginning before New Beginning in Nagoya where Hiroshi Tanahashi will challenge Shingo Tagaki for the Never Open Weight Title. Before that there are 5 more matches on offer with 6 man tag team match in the main event as Shingo Tagaki teams with SANADA and Hiromu Takahashi to take on the team of Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi and Sho.

Jado, Gedo, Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo (Bullet Club) vs Yuji Nagata, Togi Makabe, Tiger Mask and Yota Tsuji

*Yuji Nagata is able to submit Gedo to pick up the victory for his team.

Hiroyoshi Tenzen and Satoshi Kojima vs Great O’Khan vs Will Ospreay

*The match ends in a no contest as chaos ensues, Will Ospreay challenges Kojima to add a NO DQ stipulation to their match at New Beginning Nagoya, Kojima accepts.

Evil, Dick Togo and Yujiro Takahashi (Bullet Club) vs Kazuchica Okada, Hirooki Goto and Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos)

*Ishii hits Takahashi with a Vertical Brainbuster securing a victory for the Chaos team, Okada is still looking to face Evil one on one in the near future.

Tomoaki Honma and Master Wato vs Testsuya Naito and BUSHI (LIJ)

*Naito catches Honma in a Jack Knife pin following a Code Breaker from BUSHI, picking up the win by pin fall.

Hiroshi Tanhashi, Kota Ibushi and SHO vs Shingo Tagaki, SANADA and Hiromu Takahashi (LIJ)

*The match ends in 30 minute time limit draw. Post match Tanahashi exclaimed that this was the sort of professional wrestling he loved, and would be the kind of fight he takes to Nagoya to win the NEVER Openweight Championship. In response though, Takagi stated that there was ‘more on the line than just the belt’ and for Ibushi to hear that on January 30 it was his mission to make everyone know that it was the NEVER title and that he is the strongest and best in NJPW.

The next stop on the New Japan calendar is New Beginning in Nagoya where Shingo Tagaki is set to defend the never open weight championship against Hiroshi Tanhashi in main event. Else where on the card Will Ospreay faces Satoshi Kojima in no DQ match whilst the Great O’Khan is set to face Hiroyoshi Tenzen. New Japan New Beginning Nagoya kicks off on the 30th of January 12:30am (PST) 3:30am (EST) 8:30am (GMT)

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Source NJPW World NJPW 1972