Mustafa Ali Looks For Revenge On Kofi Kingston

One thing that’s been talked about is how KofiMania was something that seemed to happen by accident, with certain dominos falling into place to create a perfect storm for Kofi Kingston. One of those dominos falling was Mustafa Ali.

Ali had been working with Daniel Bryan and was gaining lots of momentum on the road to WrestleMania before an injury derailed Ali’s rapidly rising popularity. Kofi Kingston replaced Mustafa Ali and the rest is history. Mustafa Ali certainly didn’t forget that and considering he put a target on Xavier Woods with the rest of Retribution lately, it seems he hasn’t forgotten either. With a promo he posted on Twitter that eventually the WWE Twitter account RTed, it shows Ali has lots on his mind in regards to finally gaining some revenge on Kofi.

“I pray to god almighty that your broken jaw keeps you out of the Royal Rumble and I hope you cannot make it to the Elimination Champion and I hope you miss WrestleMania for that and then you can know exactly how I felt sitting at home watching someone take what’s yours.”

Ali clearly has his sights set on settling a couple year old grudge. We’ll have to see how it plays out on Raw.

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