Mark Henry Warns Nyla Rose About The Perils Of Her New “Business Venture”

In this crazy time, one of the more popular new services online is OnlyFans. The social media service allows people to subscribe to users and pay a small fee for photos or even just to DM someone. Well Nyla Rose certainly seemed to come up with an alternative while a WWE Hall of Famer gave her a warning not to fall down that rabbit hole.

Rose tweeted out a graphic parodying the OnlyFans logo, titling it OnlySlams. Nyla joked that for a small monthly fee, Rose would come to a subscriber’s house and beat them up instead of giving them access to suggestive photos. Of course given the adult nature of a joke like this, leave it to Mark Henry to make a joke. Sexual Chocolate himself RTed Rose’s post and gave her a serious but lighthearted warning.

Rose probably wouldn’t go through with the idea, but Henry does have a point. And at this point, area of users interested in this is probably outweighed, or at least hopefully outweighed, by people who recognize the joke here.

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