NXT UK Recap, Results and Review

A fantastic show lined up once again for NXT UK, the new No 1 contender for the NXT UK Women’s Champion, Jinny will come face to face with current champion Kay Lee Ray, Joe Coffey is also set for action, Tyler Bate returns to the ring to take on Sam Gradwell.

Plus In the main event NXT Uk Heritage Cup Winner A-Kid faces NXT Champion Walter with the title on the line.

Ed Harvey Vs Joe Coffey

The former Sha Samuels now Ed Harvey makes his NXT UK debut facing off against the leader of Gallus, Joe Coffey. Harvey starts well early on matching Coffey in strength but its not long before Coffey takes control sending Harvey to the outside, Harvey grabs a mic, says he’s not having none of this and announces himself as Sha Samuels.


Sha is back in the ring and becomes far more aggressive taking Coffey to the ground via a huge spine buster before grinding him into the mat, it takes some time but Coffey muscles his way back into the match stringing together a strong offense including a beautiful over the head belly to belly.

Coffey went to hit his spring board cross body but Sha catches him, before slamming hard into the ring, he goes for a sleeper hold, Coffey manages to escape and hits the cross body on the second attempt. Coffey clatters Sha with the Glasgow send off following it up with the Best Of Bells clothesline winning the match by pinfall, managing to come out on top in this heavyweight hoss fight.

Video package from earlier plays showing Scalla in his office about to make an announcement regarding the NXT Tag titles, Pretty Deadly enter the office wanting a title shot. Scala then announces that in two weeks time, there will fatal 4 way tag team match to decide the No. 1 contenders for the tag team titles. The match will see Pretty Deadly facing off with Eddie Dennis’ the Hunt, Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter as well as “Flash” Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews, pretty deadly seem happy with the arrangement.

Mastiff and Rampage are seen talking in the Performance centre gym, Mastiff suggests that Rampage needs a tougher challenge, before offering him a match on NXT UK, as they’ve done it every where else, Rampage agrees to the match.

Tyler Bate Vs Sam Gradwell

Gradwell delivers a pre match promo where he calls Tyler Bate “A plant based Yoghurt who caresses the grass, talks to trees and thinks he’s an acorn”, mocking Bates new philosophy stating he won’t be feeling Zen after he rattles his jaw and kidneys. Gradwell tries to muscle Bate but struggles to do so, before Bate uses his superior wrestling to frustrate Gradwell.

Finally Gradwell hits a huge scoop slam on Tyler and starts to try and dictate the pace, not letting up on Tyler for a minute, landing hard shot after hard shot but he cannot keep Tyler down for a pin.

Tyler is able to connect with a Bop and Bang as he starts to mount a come back with some great striking to the body of Gradwell as he turns the tables back in his favour, at one point catching Gradwell and throwing him over head with a T-Bone suplex reminding everyone why he earned the nick name Big Strong Boy.

Gradwell hits a devastating STO as Bate went for his rebound clothes line, Gradwell tries to take advantage but is hit with Bates rolling kick following it up quickly Bate hits his Tyler Driver to get the pin fall victory.

Carter and Smith are back stage when Scalla gives them the news that they will be part of the fatal 4 way tag match to decide the No. 1 contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championship, they go off happy.

Ilja Dragunov is back stage chatting with Jack Starz about starting from the beginning so he wants to face Starz once again as he was his first match on NXT UK. Starz agrees to the match but says this time there will be a different outcome.

New No.1 contender Jinny talks in the ring about her victory over Piper Niven and why Joesph Conners is now working with her, apparently due to her money and power gaining her connections.

She then states that she will defeat Kay Lee Ray. Kay Lee Ray heads to down to the ring to remind Jinny of everyone that’s faced her, Jinny then states she has never faced her before though and the two start to trade barbs back and forth before Jinny leaves stating she will be champion next week.

Eddie Dennis’ video package about “Flash” and Mark Andrews and the upcoming Fatal 4 way for the Tag Team Championship No. 1 contenders that his team, the Hunt, will be part of.

Walter Vs A-Kid

A Tale of Tape before the match shows the massive difference in both size and weight that Walter has over A-Kid but A-Kid has been the underdog since joining NXT UK could he pull off the upset.

A-Kid starts off trying avoid Walter not wanting to lock up with the larger competitor, as he tries to use his MMA background and catch Walter in a submission, A-Kid is able to frustrate Walter. A-Kid peppers Walter with strikes, singling out his leg with low kicks, enough to take the big man off his feet.

Eventually Walter is able land one big chop and suddenly the whole landscape of the match changes. Its now time for Walter to go to work, the Ring General begins to dominate the much smaller A-Kid and when ever A-Kid fights back Walter would shut him down with one big chop or one big boot.


Walter imposes his will, wearing down A-Kid with a variety of holds and stretches, A-Kid pounces on a mistake hitting Walter with a Dragon Leg Screw in the ropes before a diving drop kick to the knee.

It only takes one chop from Walter to send A-Kid crashing down to the mat, before hitting a running drop kick and following up with a Power Bomb but A-Kid kicks out of the pin.

A-Kid starts fighting back once again attempting to tie Walter up with a submission, Walter is able to roll him to the outside hitting a Power Bomb on the ring apron.

A-Kid wont give in though as he tries to fight back but is caught with a huge Clothesline laying A-Kid out for the count Walter finally is able to keep A-Kid down for the pin.

Walter once again retains his NXT Championship in an incredible match as he heads to the back he takes a look back at the ring as he gives A-Kid a look of respect.

Another incredible NXT UK topped of with a truly fantastic main event which saw Walter retain his NXT UK championship, in match that passed all expectations. Next week looks set to be another great night with a Women’s Championship match between Jinny and Kay Lee Ray, which is likely to be the main event of the evening.

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