Amanda Huber Denies Earlier Report Regarding Brodie Lee’s Condition, Issues Statement

Earlier today, we reported a story about Brody Lee’s condition leading to his death. We reported based on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s report that Lee had lung damage that had gone undiagnosed leading to his passing.

We would like to retract this. Our apologies to Amanda Huber and the family of Brodie Lee. Upon seeing this story posted by Ringside News, Huber took to social media to deny the report. Upon Ringside News seeing Huber call the story false, they reached out to her for comments to clarify the situation. The site then posted these quotes from Huber in regards to the report and information.

“I haven’t talked to Meltzer. So anything reported is coming from 3rd or 4th hand” “I understand my husbands passing was shocking and everyone wants answers. But unless information comes from me, Please use caution in believing it.”

Huber also told the site “I’m working on getting something together and answering a lot of unanswered questions.” Obviously, we will continue to wait until we hear directly from her. It can be difficult to see false things posted regarding the passing of a loved one online, so we apologize for our false reporting and will work on sharing news that we hear directly from Amanda Huber in regards to Brodie Lee’s passing.

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