Cody Rhodes Says Brodie Lee Gave Him Valuable Advice Following His Father’s Death

Brodie Lee was a great father and a great friend to everyone he touched in pro wrestling. One of those friends was Cody Rhodes, who recently revealed Brodie gave him some solid advice that he carried with him through a difficult time.

Rhodes took part in a recent Q&A session where Lee’s passing was brought up. Cody wound up talking about a piece of advice Brodie Lee gave him following the passing of his father and it was the only one “he really listened to” during that time. Brodie Lee simply told The American Nightmare “it will never change.”

“You know, after my Dad passed we were in Quicken Loans Arena and it had been a few months. I remember I talked to Brodie, or Luke Harper at the time. But he actually gave me the only advice that I really listened to throughout that whole grieving period. He told me ‘it will never change.’ He told me that the feeling of still being in the room wasn’t going to go away. He had lost his Dad young, too. That advice…man. It made it so that I was able to channel the negative memories, even as gloomy or melancholy as they were, into a positive thing.”

The stories about Lee continue to show what kind of man he was to his family and friends, building a legacy for Lee that will never be forgotten.

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