Cobra Kai, The Most Pro-Wrestling Show That’s Not Actually Pro-Wrestling

Cobra Kai is one of the most fun shows Netflix has to offer on their streaming platform. One thing I noticed watching the show was the fact that it has several elements of pro-wrestling in it that makes the show more interesting from the perspective of a wrestling.

Protecting The Legends

Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence from a wrestling booking point are always booked to look strong on the occasion they are put on fights. John Kresse is another “legend” that is booked quite strong on the show.

As mentioned before, the show does a good job protecting their legends and it will interesting to see when the time comes to put over the young stars when the day comes.


One of the show’s major plot points is the war between Cobra Kai against Miyagi-Do. This long standing feud reminds me a lot of faction wars we’ve seen throughout wrestling history.

The last season of Cobra Kai, saw the escalation of the feud between both dojos and now things look to finally culminate on the next season of Cobra Kai.

Poor Booking of Babyfaces

The booking of the babyfaces (Miyagi-Do) reminded me a lot of the modern day booking of WWE with their babyfaces. Weak and always being outsmarted by the heels on every occasion they face each other.

Samantha LaRusso in particular was booked as a very weak babyface, but she manage to have her moment and finally confront her demons.

Miguel in the other hand was the best babyface booked in the entire show. He’s training and path to his return was very much pro-wrestling like.

Johnny and Daniel in the other hand, had very interesting arcs as babyfaces and once again this goes to the point about protecting the legends.


Turns are one of the most important aspects of pro-wrestling and both Hawk & Robby had awesome turns.

Hawk went from being the most despicable heel on Cobra Kai to turning babyface and have redemption with his friends. Meanwhile, Robby went on a darker path and joined John Kreese and Cobra Kai.

If this is not pro-wresling-esque I don’t know what else is.


The fights on Cobra Kai are very Pro-wrestling-esque, lots of action and with sprinkles on interesting storytelling in them. Hawk breaking Demetri’s arm and having revenge from their previous fight from last season being the perfect example.

Another awesome fight that had pro-wrestling moments was Kreese vs. Lawrence & LaRusso at the end of the season. The build up to the match was very much like pro-wrestling and the set up form what’s to come as well.