What If John Cena Returned… But Not For WWE

A long shot? Yes, probably. Then again we can never forget that anything can happen in professional wrestling.

John Cena, an ultra star, mega baby face that some wanted to boo but others adored. We didn’t ever fully see him as a major heel, at least not for long.

The Uber-baby face vibe that Cena has in WWE just can’t be changed, it’s been too long. He will always be the brightly coloured shirt-wearing, Mr. Hustle Loyalty and Respect.

Outside of WWE however, a suited up heel John Cena may just be a major hit.

There is not many doubts in my mind, that if worked correctly, Cena would be a stunning edition to the AEW roster and could pull off some legendary matches for New Japan in the Tokyo Dome on top of that.

Cena vs Tanahashi, Cena vs Okada, Cena vs Omega or even if you want to see Cena vs Colt Cabana, something about it tells me that it would work so well.

The downside to this is the unlikelihood. The cost, the connections with WWE and the baby face stigma I mentioned before are all red flags when thinking about the possibility.

But what if AEW only continue to go upwards for the next year or so? Surely they would be at least in a position to ask and get a legitimate response from Cena.

If he did ever chose to go, it is likely we probably would see him as champion after a year or so after signing with the promotion. Unlike the likes of Sting, adding Cena’s name to the history of a belt like the AEW world championship would actually be very beneficial. Probably more so than Jericho and his reign made the title feel huge right out of the gate for AEW.

As far as fantasy booking goes, this one really is quite a stretch but when you ask yourself if you’d want to see it or not, you may find yourself wanting that more than seeing CM Punk show up.

I know I do.

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