What Are The Odds Of Sting Winning A Title In AEW?

The 61 year old legend has made waves in AEW just by being present, we have yet to see the icon in a match and fans are already thinking about what he can do.

So far he appears to have a developing bond with Darby Allin in a feud against Team FTW/Team Taz but that’s as far as we’ve gotten so far.

Titles on legends can be a touchy subject. Some are all for the nostalgia perks but others would rather see those who are in their prime on top, holding gold, so how does Sting’s chances weigh up? Taken into account his age and injury history, it’s hard to see him really dominate the landscape of the promotion.

We’ll look at each belt individually:

Winning the world title is a no go. There would simply be too much backlash and there is no need for it to happen, besides with the current main event crop of talent AEW have, there’s no one that should be losing to Sting in a world championship match.

The TNT Championship is a tricky one to call because so far short-ish reigns seem to be the pattern with the title. In that sense a TNT title run feels plausible but with AEW’s in-depth roster that’s ever-growing, it feels like it shouldn’t happen. With Cage challenging for the belt this week and the likes of Miro or PAC around, those are the guys who feel much more suited to being a champion in front of the AEW audience.

Tagging for a short period of time with someone like Darby Allin could be a possibility. It’s the only way I see Sting holding gold in AEW. A short run with the world tag team belts would at least justify Sting’s role as a wrestler without hogging a spot as he can help younger talent at the same time.

To sum it all up, the odds of Sting winning a belt in AEW are quite slim. However crazier things have happened.
The NWA and Impact have belts too…

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