News On Mustafa Ali’s Promo From RAW Talk

Yesterday, Mustafa Ali tweeted out a picture of him from RAW Talk with the caption “we don’t know if we can give you a live mic again.” The tweet certainly got reactions from the online community, many of them shocked they would do that to Ali. It got the fanbase talking, which was certainly a good thing.

The response was in regards to a promo he cut on the post-RAW show, venting how some of the Legends brought in could barely walk while talents in the prime of their career had been left off of the first Raw of 2021 in favor of them. Ali received tons of praise for the promo, which is what made the tweet so shocking.

Ringside News has debunked that thought train, however. Their sources had told them nobody they spoken to had heard anyone say that about Ali. In fact, they were told this is “just him hyping his own stuff up,” but it was also referred to as “smart.”

Ali has become one of the most savvy social media users in the WWE in recent memory. Whether it’s things like this, or making use of sharing promos that were self produced that were a notch above anything airing on WWE television, Ali had managed to get himself over using social media and WWE is clearly not making use of it.

Here’s hoping Ali becomes a breakout star in 2021. You can watch the acclaimed promo below.

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