NXT UK Quick Recap and Results

There was plenty to look forward to on this week’s NXT UK, from the women’s number 1 contender match between Piper Niven and Jinny, as well as the much anticipated debut of new NXT UK’s signing, Ben Carter on Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions.

Piper Niven vs Jinny

They took no time in getting straight into the action. Piper Niven looked fantastic early on as she threw Jinny around the ring, easily overpowering the smaller competitor. Jinny made her way back into the match and is viscous in trying to get Piper Niven to submit with an Iron Octopus. Niven was able to power out of the submission, as Niven starts to make a comeback, Joesph Connors comes to ring side saving Jinny from Piper’s diving cannonball on the outside. As both competitors got back into ring, Connors once again gets involved, assisting Jinny to secure a victory roll up by tripping Niven, Jinny is able to hold her down for the three count. Jinny picks up the win by Pinall thanks to little hep from Joseph Connors and becoming the new No. 1 Contender for the NXT UK women’s championship.

Back Stage Promo from Pretty Deadly as they once again taunt current NXT UK tag team champions Mark Coffey and Wolf Gang of Gallus

Video Promo for Afoie Valkyrie

Video Promo with Tyler Bate discussing his loss to A-Kid on the 10th of December edition of NXT UK and how each loss is a chance to learn and get better. Watching the video in the parking lot was Sam Gradwell, who clearly doesn’t think much of the video before referring to Tyler Bate as Yoghurt.

Supernova Sessions

This weeks guest is none other than the newest NXT UK signing Ben Carter, when indroducing his guest Noam Dar refers to to him as Ben Carpenter. Noam Dar tries to ask question about carpentry when Carter finally lets him know his name is “Ben Carter, not Carpenter”. After little back forth out comes the self proclaimed real cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin, Devlin and Dar exchange words, before Carter Interrupts to challenge Devlin tonight for the Cruiserweight title. Sid Scala heads out to make the match official for tonight’s main event.

A back stage promo from NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray on new no. 1 contender Jinny,

Dave Mastiff Vs Saxon Huxley

A hard hitting Heavweight Hoss fight, Mastiff was aggressive from the sound of the bell over whelming Huxley before hitting a Lou Thesz Press as he unleashes his wild side on Mastiff. Mastiff Powers his way back in to the match with big back body drop before a huge suplex, crashing clothesline followed by a Cannon Ball senton in the corner to win the match by pin fall.

Video Package on Walter and A-Kid, ahead of their clash for NXT UK Championship next week on NXT UK.

Next week Tyler Bate will face off against Sam Gradwell

NXT UK Cruiserweight Championship Match

Ben Carter (Challenger) Vs Jordan Devlin (Champion)

Devlin controls the match early on, dominating the new up and comer, not allowing Carter to get out of starting block and unleash his speed and athleticism. Finally Carter is able kick into high gear, as he starts to pick the pace of the match up, truly impressive in his debut match against one of best in NXT UK. Carter unfortunately cannot maintain control for long, as Devlin is able to pounce on any mistake, Devlin is able to lock in his Four Leaf Clover submission but Carter is able to get to the ropes and to break the hold. Carter tries to comeback one more time but Devlin is able to hit his Devlin Scythe on the second time of trying to win the match by pin fall retaining his cruiserweight championship.

An absolute fantastic night of action topped off by an incredible main event, Ben Carter looks set to be a star,

Plus a new no. 1 contender for the women’s championship in Jinny, just what is her relationship with Joesph Connors?

Next week looks set to be just as good if not better with A-Kid set to challenge Walter for the NXT UK championship and Tyler Bate returns to action against Sam Gradwell.

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