AEW Need A Women’s Casino Battle Royale With The Title On The Line

With her already having the longest reign in the AEW women’s world championship’s history, Hikaru Shida has been quite a dominant champion in a division which has continued grow since day one.
With her recent defence of the title against Abadon, once again we ask who could be next?

The resetting of the women’s rankings makes the playing field feel quite level now and suddenly we find ourselves questioning who could actually be next to step up. Dr. Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa and perhaps one or two others could all justifiably challenge for the title. So what if to blow the division wide open, there was a women’s casino battle royale with the title being the prize?

There are three pretty good reasons why this should happen either on a special episode of Dynamite or at the Revolution PPV in February.

1. There was no 2020 women’s casino battle royale.

I was a little surprised because I was banking on it being on Full Gear and surprisingly we didn’t see a CBR(Casino Battle Royale) for the women of AEW all year. Their numbers were understandably hurt up until very recently by travel restrictions and injuries, however now the division is in a place of having a battle royale if it was to be booked.

2. End Shida’s reign without her losing.

Hikaru Shida has beaten pretty much everybody in AEW before and during her reign as champion. Like Jon Moxley, fans aren’t completely sure about taking the title off Shida because she suits the role but the division needs another new star name to emerge soon and crowning a new champion can do that.

3. Kick start multiple stories.

People want the women to have more air time, well creating stories is the number one way to make that happen. The list of things that could happen at the battle royale opens up many avenues, here’s some examples; whoever eliminates Shida will have a programme with her, the loser of the two women left standing will be bitter or at least want a shot at the winner down the line, Jade Cargill can debut and many other possible outcomes.

Creatively, a battle royale just feels like a good move for the women’s division. The reason they struggle compared to the men’s division is the lack of a tag division, so it could be quite detrimental to miss another battle royale opportunity.

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