Reverend Of Sport’s 2020 Wrestler Of The Year

Professional boxing ring

Like many others in the wrestling community from top to bottom, I found this one far easier than i expected. Of course by not watching certain brands, opinions can be changed but after watching as much wrestling as I can, there is only one answer for me and a lot of people seem to agree with it too.


Amazing matches, tough opponents, excellent promos and believable bad-assery. I know that’s not a word but it still sums up what he’s being doing.

Jon Moxley took a bet on himself by leaving the WWE where, to be fair to him, he was a main event player for a while but could have shone a lot more brightly if allowed to. He is shining oh so brightly right now. Even though he recently lost his the AEW world championship to Kenny Omega recently after a 250+ day reign, Moxley’s legacy as a legend in AEW feels like it’s already done and dusted yet he’s only just getting started. Tied into his work with New Japan, the skies aren’t the limit for Moxley, the universe is his to conquer.

I think it’s safe to regard him as one of the most popular wrestlers in the word right now and he’s done that through his abilities as a wrestler and his appeal to fans.

Here are moments from one of his title defences

His 2021 campaign will be very interesting.

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