NXT UK Recap and Results

This week on NXT UK, Jordan Devlin was set to defend his Cruiserweight Championship in an open challenge plus we would also be treated to the first ever Supernova 11 Session with Noam Dar.

Jordan Devlin opens the show in the ring as he starts week one of the self proclaimed Real Cruiserweight champions open challenge, he lays out the challenge to anyone stupid enough to face him for his championship.

Cruiserweight Open Challenge

Champion Jordan Devlin Vs Oliver Carter

Oliver Carter was the man to answer the challenge this week as we see him back stage with his tag team partner Ashton Smith, who is pumping Carter up for the match, but it is all for naught as Jordan Devlin starts to dominate the match early on with a clever reversal flipping Carter into the ropes.

Devlin maintains control over Carter slowing down the pace of the match with aggressive strikes and punishing holds, Carter is finally able to mount a comeback as he picks up the pace of the match, landing a beautiful and punishing suicide dive.

Back in the ring Carter continues to mount the pressure with some explosive high risk offence but he can’t follow up due to the punishment he took earlier. It only takes one mistake for Devlin to regain control, he hits Carter with poison-rana after almost gifting Devlin the opportunity.

Following up with the Devlin Scythe to pick up the win by pin fall and retain his title.

Back Stage Jinny talks about Piper Niven attacking her last week, saying that for now she has nothing more to say on Piper but will strike when the time is right and tame the wild animal once again.

Supernova 11 Sessions kicks off, Noam Dar presents his new Supernova 11 Sessions from his built in setat the BT studios adjacent to the ring, his first guest is the NXT UK Heritage Cup Winner A-Kid.

Noam tries to claim that he is not A-Kid’s rival but has always been his mentor his teacher, his sensei and bestows upon the A-Kid the name A-Man.A-Kid finally stands up to shut Noam Dar up, letting him know that there was only one man who did help and that was Tyler Bate, who just happens to come out to set.

As Bate speaks on A-Kid winning the tournament whilst not being in the tournament himself, Dar twists his words getting the two to agree to match up later on that night.

A video from earlier in the week shows Eddie Dennis and the Hunt crash into Sid Scalla, demanding to be made No. 1 contenders for tag team titles having beaten the former tag team champions Mark Andrews and “Flash” Morgan Webster. Scalla said he would speak with Johnny Saint, Dennis responds by saying “you do that”.

Xia Brookside Vs Isla Dawn

The two girls show some excellent wrestling fundamentals especially from the second generation competitor Xia Brookside who shows some of the same incredible skills that once made her father, Robbie Brookside, a star in the UK Wrestling scene. Dawn shows that she can hang with the wrestling of Brookside but starts to take control when she was able to unleash her strikes, Dawn shows a new more aggressive side as she looked to punish Brookside,

Xia would fight her way back into the ring picking up the pace unleashing a flurry of hurricanranas and her broken wings in the corner.

Whilst the two ladies fight outside the ring, a stage hand brings some bags down to the ringside, back in the ring suddenly Nina Samuels appears on the big screen and informs Brookside that she is only capable of carrying her bags. This distracts Xia and Dawn is able to take advantage hitting a spinning back kick and a back drop driver to pick up the win by pinfall.

Backstage whilst Sid Scalla is doing an interview about the performance centre, Saxon Huxley suddenly bursts out of the trainer’s room screaming “Better luck next time”. Scalla heads into the training room where it becomes apparent that Huxley had attacked Levi Muir and Jack Starz who just last week told Huxley “Better Luck Next time”.

Next Week on NXT UK

Heritage Cup Match

Tyler Bate Vs A-Kid

The first ever NXT UK champion makes his long awaited debut in the BT Studio, to take on his former pupil for the heritage cup, A-Kid seems honoured to face his former mentor with the cup on the line.

Round 1

The first round sees the two competitors exchange holds and reversals with A-Kid showing Bate the skills which led him to winning the cup, however Bate is able to match him move for move. In the final minute of round Bate seems to take control but this time Kid is able to match his mentor as neither man is able to score a fall in the first round.

Round 2

The second round starts much the same as two competitors show each other the respect they deserve as they go hold for hold with each other. A-Kid looks to make use of his BJJ skills trying lure Bate in for a submission but Bate is equal to the challenge and the round finishes with neither man gaining an advantage.

Round 3

The pace had picked up toward the end of the previous round and whilst the two lock up once again Bate is able take Kid down to the mat with a little more conviction as he controls the first minute but the pace starts to quicken once again allowing Kid back in to the match. As the two begin to rebound off the ropes Bate is able to catch Kid and roll him up in a pinning situation getting the first fall by pin fall to take the lead.

Round 4

A-Kid is far more aggressive in this round as he realises that he needs to get back into the match. He starts to unleash his strikes taking Bate by surprise, he is able to lock him in a rear naked choke but Bate is able to break the hold, however not for long as Kid jumps on Bates back once again with only 1 minute left in the round Kid switches submission but Bate is able to hold out until the end of the round.

Round 5

A-Kid is visibly worn out, barely able to stand in his corner during the break but he engages with Bate once again as they lock up, the two trade monkey flips, Kid then reverses a monkey flip into spring board flip DDT to get the pin fall and draw the score level.

Round 6

The final round and the scores are even, once again Kid is the one able to put the pressure on Bate who looks stay on outside, suddenly the match opens up as the two exchange strikes. Kidd continues to apply the pressure rolling Bate into a submission but Bate is able to reverse it looking to roll Kidd into a pin but Kid is able reverse once more to catch Bate in a roll up pinning Bate once again to retain the Heritage Cup by pin fall.

After the match Bate shakes the hand of his former pupil and raising his hand in victory.

Another great night of action from NXT UK and with a tag team championship match already scheduled for next week it looks like the NXT UK streak of great action will continue. NXT UK is available to watch on the WWE Network.

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