NJPW BOSJ 27 Night 7 Results and Standings

NJPW returned to Osaka on the 2nd of December where once again the Super Juniors would do battle in the Best of Super Jrs 2020.

Night 6 had seen 2 competitors at the top of the table with Hiromu Takahashi and Ishimori on 10 points, tonight they faced off against SHO and El Desperado who are hot on their heels on 8 points, could Ishimori and Takahashi keep their lead?

Master Wato on 8 points faced off against BUSHI on 6 points, BUSHI must win to stay in the tournament. Although a loss would not eliminate Wato from competition he does need to win to truly stay in contention.

Ryusuke Taguchi on 6 points faces Robbie Eagles, Eagles is already out of the competition but will be looking to finish with a respectable point total, Ryusuke will be out of contention if he looses this match.

In what has to be the most intriguing match of the night, Yuya Uemura vs DOUKI neither man has been able to get any points on the board having not won single match in this tornament, which competitor will finally put points on the board?

Night 7 Results

DOUKI (1W, 6L) Defeated Yuya Uemura (0W, 7L)

Robbie Eagles (3W, 4L) Defeated Ryusuke Taguchi ((3W, 4L)

BUSHI (4W, 3L) Defeated Matster Wato (4W, 3L)

El Desperado (5W, 2L) Defeated Taiji Ishimori (5W, 2L)

SHO (5W, 2L) Defeated Hiromu Takahashi (5W, 2L)

Night 7 is in the books and now we have four way tie at the top with SHO, Hiromu Takahashi, El Desperado and Taiji Ishimori all on 10 points.

Right behind the front 4 are BUSHI and Master Wato on 8 points.

Out of contention are Robbie Eagles and Ryusuke Taguchi on 6 points.

Finally with one win under his belt, DOUKI has 2 points.

Yuya Uemura still without a win on 0 points.

Another incredible night of action and with only 2 nights left there are still 5 competitors that remain in contention, things could get complicated when it comes to tie breakers, although with wins over the other top three, El Desperado has the advantage. Just who will make it to finals?

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