Moxley vs. Omega II: Who Should Win This Match?

Tomorrow, Kenny Omega and the AEW Champion Jon Moxley will collide for the second time on a match that promises a lot of action. Last time these two wrestlers met in a ring, both had an amazing and yet violent match and knowing these two, anything is possible.

The build for this match has been short and yet effective. Everything feels on the air right now and you could make a good case for either man to win this upcoming championship bout.

It’s Omega’s Time

One of the biggest criticisms AEW has got since day one has been the booking and positioning of him on the card. Fans and experts expected Kenny Omega to be “the ace” of the promotion, but instead AEW took the slow burn and a great long run as tag team champion with Adam Page.

After months of waiting, AEW and Kenny Omega are finally giving what people want and that is Omega on top of the card. The timing right now is just perfect, Omega feels hot right now and its just his time to finally take the AEW championship.

Not only is the timing perfect for Omega, he is the perfect opponent to win the championship from Moxley.

Mox Should Retain

Jon Moxley’s run as AEW champion has been 5 stars. Mox has done a wonderful job carrying the top prize of AEW and made it into one of the most important title in pro-wrestling right now.

Mox keeping the title would not be a bad idea and him continuing his great run sounds good on paper. Moxley still has a lot of feuds he could have with the title with some of the wrestlers in the rosters like PAC, Penta, Rey Fénix, Cody and many more.

Moxley keeping the title could also help him establish his run as AEW champion as an all time great run in history of the business. Omega and Moxley could easily face each other again on Revolution if the circumstances are right for the title.