Chris Jericho Tried To Get More Weed References Into Inner Circle In Las Vegas Skit

A couple weeks back when The Inner Circle went to Las Vegas they were joined by a familiar face.

During the groups Vegas adventure, at one point Santana and Ortiz told Jericho that they happened to know a guy that had what they needed. Enter former WCW/nWo Star and Lucha Legend Konnan, who told the guys that he “always has the best stuff.”

The gang then jumped into the limo and rode off. When they pulled back up and exited so did a huge cloud of smoke, obviously making a marijuana reference. While that was about as direct as it got for referencing weed usage, apparently Chris Jericho lobbied hard for there to be a lot more obvious and direct weed spots in the skit.

On the latest episode of Keepin’ it 100 with Konnan, they discussed AEW and Konnan’s involvement in the Inner Circle takes Vegas skit. It was in that roundtable discussion that Konnan revealed that Jericho actually tried really hard to get a lot more pot references into the skit, but somebody from the Jaguars legal department shut that down.

“If we are opening up a limo and smoke is coming out, what do you think we are doing in there, roasting marshmallows? … I will give Chris credit. He tried. We tried to do the roll up sign. We tried to have a blunt. We tried to say ‘blaze one.’ Bro, they had a legal girl there from the Jacksonville Jaguars and they’re like ‘no, no, no, no.’  So finally I just said, ‘why don’t I just say I always have the best stuff.’ … We couldn’t do none of that but Chris did try. He did try to push the envelope because he even goes, ‘what is that you do, Iranian tobacco? Say that, your fans will know.’”

You can listen to the entire episode of Keepin’ it 100 with Konnan below.

You can watch the segment featuring the Inner Circle in Las Vegas below.


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(h/t to Wrestling News for the quote.)