Exclusive: Former WCW Star Crowbar Talks About His Hardcore Title Match With Terry Funk At Starrcade 2000

Former ECW and WCW Star Devon Storm, aka Crowbar recently spoke to Bodyslam’s Anthony Wade, for a candid interview looking back at his career and his thoughts on various wrestling topics.

One of the questions that Crowbar was asked about was one of his more talked about matches during his time in WCW, which was his Hardcore Title Match with is idol Terry Funk at Starrcade 2000.

He went on to talk about what drew him to the “hardcore” style of wrestling, and about how he and Funk used weapons into the match to tell story.

WCW Starrcade 2000, You and the legend Terry Funk for the Hardcore title. Any memories of that match, Any advice you remember getting from Terry?

One of my favorite matches as a fan was Flair Vs Terry Funk, “I quit” match from 1989. 

I always describe this match as “Hardcore” before was even a wrestling term.

This match drew me in and I instantly became a huge fan of both of these incredible wrestlers.

I’m not a fan of random garbage and props being used as weapons: kendo sticks, sledge hammers, ball bats, pipes – hell I’ve seen some of the ridiculous stuff used as weapons in wrestling these days.

This match was violent, but it made sense and told a story. Weapons were used – but the weapons were naturally occurring objects from ringside. 

I feel, and it’s just my opinion, that it is easier to suspend disbelief when you make an effort to try to make the match make sense and tell as believable story as possible – (within the crazy world of professional wrestling of course.)

Announcers table, chairs, electrical wires, ring bell, the microphone itself, a pulled up mat that exposes the concrete floor, the ring steps, smashing your opponent into guardrails – all of this naturally occurs in the normal setup of ringside. I can even see using a garbage can if a brawl spills over into the fans or backstage – where one would normally find a garbage can – and the garbage can is used as a weapon out in the crowd or brought back to ringside. 

I initially didn’t like the random pile of stacked folding tables under the ring, but it’s become universally accepted in this day and age.  

Putting the announcers table inside the ring also is not an option anymore as announcers’ tables are no longer folding tables with a skirt – like they were in the 80’s and 90’s. 

Today, Announcers’ tables are these big constructions weighing hundreds of pounds with monitors. They don’t fold up – there’s no way that you’ll ever be able to get one if these from ringside into a ring. 

The folding tables under the ring are now just a widely accepted object to have at ringside for the soul purpose of being used as a weapon. – and honestly for whatever reason, it doesn’t bother me anymore.

I’ve always enjoyed combining wrestling with the use of weapons that ARE FOUND at ringside. What I personally refer to as “Jerry Lynn / Sabu / RVD style” 

I hate…actually loathe “garbage matches” and “death matches” and violence for the sake of violence. Bleeding for the sake of bleeding and often with the complete absence of any semblance of WRESTLING.

Many will jump on me saying in WcW I used trash cans, kendo sticks, whatever junk they threw in the garbage can of plunder.  

My response is I was doing my job.   I was asked to use these items – so I used them.  

When it comes to my preference, If I am given the freedom to create a hardcore match the way I like I prefer to make them in the Flair vs Funk, Jerry Lynn / Sabu / RVD ECW type of match that integrates weapons and wrestling maneuvers.

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You can check out the match below.

You can check out a more recent match from 2019 featuring Crowbar vs Eli Isom from ROH below.


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