WWE Has Considered A Unique Finish To The Royal Rumble Match

WWE used Survivor Series to book a unique finish where someone won by doing absolutely nothing at all. If you believe it or not, this isn’t the only show they’re considering such a unique non-finish.

On an episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez discussed the potential of creative finishes for the Royal Rumble and has suggested that a similar scenario to how the Women’s Survivor Series finish could be duplicated in the Royal Rumble as it’s been “floated around.” A scenario like this could open the door for someone like Lana to win the Royal Rumble and not do a thing.

“I can tell you this that they’ve been considering doing that finish for years, not with anybody in particular. It comes down and there are two guys left and number 30 hasn’t come out yet and the last two guys eliminate themselves and then number 30 saunters down to the ring and wins, and you know, I’ve heard the idea before. I don’t know if they’ve actually considered doing it, but people there have told me the idea.”

Alvarez then said that during Daniel Bryan’s time while being unable to compete, some pitched that idea for him. It would have allowed Bryan to get his Rumble win without having to take a bump in the process.

He did not that Bryan wouldn’t have been able to compete at WrestleMania while medically disqualified, but Lana would be able to compete if they used that booking idea. Considering the booking of Lana to this point, you have to think there’s a fair chance this finish could be what they use to help elevate her as a babyface whether fans like it or not.

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