Tony Khan On Shift In Mentality After Losing To NXT In Ratings In 2019

AEW started slow in winning the overall ratings war with NXT, losing the total audience but winning key demographics. Minus bigger events for NXT like Halloween Havoc, they now continue to win in viewership in the key demographic and even overall.

NXT defeated AEW overall in December, and the loss seemed to be enough for Tony Khan. In an interview with Post Wrestling, he looks at it as a turning point that caused one of the biggest changes in AEW for this year. It wound up making him more productive in his own words.

“The process kind of changed for me after December….we’ve only had one show where we didn’t win the demo head-to-head for the night. I really had to do a lot of reflection on what had put us in that position and what I could do to change things and what we could do to change the process. And I became more motivated, that’s the wrong word. I shouldn’t say motivated. I became more productive in terms of trying to come up with my own ideas and then also in terms of managing other people’s ideas or just organizing the show or you know, taking outside ideas and trying to package them together.”

“I just tried to become more proactive and also say no to more stuff. That was a big thing, just not rolling over on stuff I don’t believe in, and I’ve tried not to do it as much this year, and I think the show is better for it. And that’s probably been the biggest change in 2020.”

AEW continues to win in the ratings. This week’s Dynamite was the #7 show in the key 18-49 demographic, earning a .37 while NXT finished #56 with a .14 rating. Dynamite continues to win the night and it seems Khan’s shift in how he handles things has only helped the show.

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