Interesting Confrontation Takes Place After Dynamite Goes Off Air

AEW Dynamite has made a point to give fans a little something after cameras come off air. After last night’s live Dynamite, fans were treated to an interesting confrontation that could be potentially making its way to television. Cassidy Haynes and myself from Bodyslam were in attendance at last night’s Dynamite, and we witnessed what could be potentially the start of a storyline to play out on air.

Following the main event where Will Hobbs turned heel to join Team Taz, Taz returned out from the entrance tunnel and thanked the crowd for coming out to the show. In Taz’s style, he told fans to come back for the next taping to watch his boys “beat the s*** out of people,” but Tony Khan returned to the stage and looked at Taz in disbelief. Key to this is Khan makes a point to open shows before cameras go live to remind people not to swear on television.

Another key point in all of this was that following the show, Taz tweeted out a graphic of Will Hobbs joining Team Taz mocking AEW’s “___ is All Elite” signing graphics.

This could mean nothing. Khan could have been selling the shock of Hobbs aligning with Taz and their post-match arrogance. This could mean a lot more, setting up Taz and Khan to have some sort of on screen feud regarding how he feels is the mistreatment of Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. 

Sometimes it’s nothing. And sometimes it’s a hint of things to come, especially in a time where many fans are regulars when a show runs at the same venue repeatedly. That said, we could potentially see a confrontation with Khan and Taz on television soon.